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Reston Man Charged With Sex Trafficking

by Karen Goff May 28, 2014 at 2:35 pm 4,275 7 Comments

Robert Moore of Reston/Credit: FCPDA Reston man has been arrested after Fairfax County Police said he was manipulating a mentally incapacitated woman into performing sex acts for money.

Robert Moore, 31, was charged with promoting prostitution, receiving earnings from prostitution and unauthorized use of a vehicle, police said.

Detectives from Fairfax County’s Human Trafficking Unit received information last week that a man was reportedly manipulating the 22-year-old woman into performing prostitution.

The investigation revealed that Moore has been using online advertising for the young woman’s commercial sex acts, transporting her to meet clients, and then keeping all money exchanged in the transactions, FCPD said in a news release.

FCPD has been trying to raise awareness of sex trafficking. Since January, FCPD has been conducting a public awareness campaign called “Just Ask.” The police have teamed with Fairfax County Public Schools and the county Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services to tackle the issue, particularly as many teenage girls are targeted.

Police define trafficking as “the act of manipulating or forcing anyone to engage in a sex act in exchange for anything of value (money, drugs, shelter, food, clothes, etc.). FCPD says it identifies an average of two new potential victims per week.

Photo: Robert Moore of Reston/Credit: FCPD

  • Hybrid Revolution

    This is truly a very sad news for the victim and it is disturbing to read about the teenage sex trafficking the two stories do not seem to fit together. The victim in this story is a 22 year old female who is mentally incapacitated. She is not a teenager. Perhaps two separate stories here??

    • Karen Goff

      I see what you mean. I was just trying to remind readers what sex trafficking is and how police are trying to raise awareness. and no, victim is not a teen. But she is is not far off and is mentally challenged, so I thought it was at least somewhat relevant.

      • Hybrid Revolution

        I kind of figured that you might be alluding to the fact that she is not mentally capable of making sound decisions for herself. Raising awareness of sex trafficking especially of teenagers is definitely important. Although this is not linked to the sex trafficking story directly may I please also use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of yet another cause? American Psychological Association (APA) has a Task Force Report on Sexualization of Girls and sex trafficking is one of the extreme ways in which sexualization of girls takes place. Further information including a free .pdf copy of the report is available on http://www.apa.org/pi/women/programs/girls/


    I wish there was an address in Reston for this bad bad man…….

  • JL

    There were 2 parties involved in this mess -a man pimping & a WOMAN selling her body. But the way this article is spun, the one actually selling her body for sex is a VICTIM & all the blame will fall on Rob?! This is a true testament to how the media controls our minds… there is NO VICTIM here! I know for a fact there was no force in this case & that the WOMAN, not girl was more than willing. Don’t take everything at face value. Should a woman not expect to get punched by a man if she first kicks him with all her might in the balls? Same thing. No victim. (&fyi, this is coming from a woman’s perspective& a woman who was in a 5 year abusive & violent relationship)

    • Karen Goff

      Well, the man’s been charged with the crime, so that’s the story for now. No spin whatsoever.

    • anonymous

      Please educate yourself on human trafficking before you make ignorant comments like this and continue to perpetuate a victim-blaming stereotype about women who “choose” to sell their bodies.


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