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Bocce May Not Happen At Cabots Point

by Karen Goff July 31, 2014 at 3:00 pm 21 Comments

Outdoor Bocce Court/Credit: Joy of BocceReston Association’s board of directors plans to rescind a proposal to build a bocce court at Cabots Point Recreation Area after complaints from several nearby residents.

In December, RA’s Board of Directors voted to authorize construction of the lawn bowling court at the area off of South Lakes Drive. The $2,500 cost would be paid for by Friends of Reston, said South Lakes Director Richard Chew, who proposed the amenity. The design plan was approved by RA’s Design Review Board in June and $1,700 has already been donated to the project, RA documents show.

RA CEO Cate Fulkerson has now proposed taking the plan off the table and coming up with an alternate plan that may or may not include bocce for Cabots Point. The directors will vote on it at their regular monthly meeting tonight.

Fulkerson says several RA members who live near Cabots Point have contacted RA “concerned that proper notification and opportunity for public input or a hearing was not made regarding the proposed project and change in use of the recreation area.”

Bill Parker, a South Bay resident told the board in an email “we object because, as an affected party, we were not informed of the plan in advance, and because the space that would be compromised is directly in line with Reston’s concept of openness, community, and beauty. In addition, there is extremely limited parking in the area and the corner of Cabots Point Lane and South Lakes Drive is already subject to significant traffic.”

Parker said he hopes the board will listen and this unfortunately conceived and improperly implemented proposal will be overturned. By doing so, the playground and open space that is currently enjoyed informally by so many will not be transformed into a sport-specific park that could easily be placed elsewhere in Reston.”

Photo: Bocce/file photo

  • Reston Member

    They botched the bocce.

    The bocce court should be placed on that piece of junk land they traded for over at Lake Anne. Given that they botched that deal, a “botchie” court would be appropriate. It could be dedicated to all current board members. All hail botchie!

    And what’s the deal with the pony barn? Just paint it and save $30k. Money should NEVER be appropriated without a specific plan. Complete lack of disciplined governance.

  • Alice T

    Somebody call the wahmbulance for Bill Parker. I doubt that there will be huge crowds coming to play bocce. Besides, it’s nice to see adults given some recreational opportunities given there is already a playground there.

  • RA member

    Cabots Point Cluster Board of Directors approved the bocce, those 40+ households don’t object. It is an insignificant alteration to the land and RA should not halt the project because of one objection. It doesn’t work that way! And yes, the adults who pay RA fees would like a bocce court there. Mil gracie!

    • Herb

      Good for cabots point. South bay never got a say and THAT IS THE ISSUE.

      To take away 40 percent of the small green space away from the children for Mr. Chew is wrong.

      • Tortola

        Neither did Cedar Cove.

    • Tortola

      It’s not Cabots Points land, it’s RA’s. CP has no authority. RA is required to notify members of a change like this. They didn’t.

  • BBurns

    To RA management and Reston BOD – have you noticed this has been the refrain a number of time: “concern that proper notification and opportunity for public input or a hearing was not made.”

    There has not been proper notification or opportunity for public input or a hearing for quite a few items: not notifying Lake Audubon homeowners about businesses on the lake; not notifying RA members about hunting deer (while the homeowners who wanted this had plenty of time to prepare), and so on.

    RA residents hear about it and scramble to be heard. Whether you’re for or against something doesn’t matter – there should be proper notification and opportunity for public input for projects that affect the community.

  • east297

    RA didn’t bother to ask uplands residents if they wanted to have a small water park at the uplands pool with very little parking provided.

    • Logi

      Yet RA requires that property owners obtain their permission to alter property that is not theirs

  • Scott H

    what kind of traffic could a couple of bocce courts cause?

    • Tortola

      2 teams of 4 players. Then comes the Reston Bocce club tournament.

      • Scott H

        Yikes. Sounds like mayhem!

  • Mike M

    Oh! Oh! I’d like a badminton court! Reston, please please, it would be so nice to have a badminton court! Everyone will benefit from this priceless adult recreation opportunity! Oh! Oh! I like Frisbee golf. It would be so nice to have a Frisbee golf course! Everyone will benefit from this priceless adult recreation. Please please RA, may I have a Frisbee golf course! Oh! Oh! I like sack races! RA, please, please buy me a sack race course! Oh! Oh! RA, I love to ride camels. Please, please buy me a camel barn and a camel corral! It would be so nice to have camel riding in Reston! Everyone will benefit from this priceless adult recreation.

    My fellow Restonians, you uncontrollable, gold-plated, Socialist rascals! I don’t want to pay for your fetishes! Whatever made you think you were entitled to such nonsense on other people’s dime? Where exactly does that come from? If bocce is so important to you, build your own. It shouldn’t be hard.

    • Mike M

      . . .and there is that outstanding request for a bubbled tennis court. You see, I play tennis. So it makes perfect sense to me that RA should provide me with a giant eyesore bubbled tennis court so that I can play at a discount year round. I have my recreational needs, you know. I’m worth it! Have you seen my red beamer?

      Let’s see, . . . which neighborhoods shall bear the aesthetic burden of this monstrosity? (Not mine, of course.)

    • Scott H

      Mike. I’m a free market Libertarian, but your post is mostly ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with a local community deciding to build a bocce court, or a little league field, or a tennis bubble, etc. Anyone that doesn’t like Reston and the DRB can move to Herndon or any other municipality that offers them a more desirable lifestyle. This local self-determination is exactly what the Founders had in mind and why the Constitution specifically limits the powers of the Federal Government.

      The “Socialist” issue is when the Federal government requires every community to build bocce courts to specific standards, requires all citizens to buy bocce balls, taxes the wealthy so bocce balls can be subsidized for the poor, and then calls anyone a racist who thinks that we shouldn’t welcome non-citizens from other countries over to play and buy them all bocce balls too.

      • Mike M

        Dude, the truth is that the community didn’t do the self-determination processes. In fact, that’s the very issue. I am certain the whole community is not behind the building of a bocce ball court. Certain.

      • Mike M

        I’m certain that every post that is at odds with your entitlement is “mostly ridiculous.”

  • EK

    Well, I, for one, speak for the whole community and we think a bocce ball court would be a great addition to the Reston park scene. It’s cheap, easy to maintain, and fun for all ages. If that location doesn’t work, there are about 20 other places these can go.

    • Tortola

      Exactly what community is it? Name the cluster.

    • Logi

      Great! Move the bocce court to another community that wants it. Just interesting that it was chosen close to a location that the board member who pushed it through can walk to but doesn’t become a eye sore for his piece of property. Bocce is lawn bowling, play it on the grass! The field that is there now is just fine the way it is. It allows everyone to play the sport of their choice. Also the park boarders South Bay Cluster property and those residences were not informed of the plan.

  • RA Member

    RA – Just a couple of questions; What is the plan for restrooms and sanitary management of the park? The current weekly trash collection is inadequate to support the current park users, so are there additional funds to maintain the park, was a study done? How abut needed additional parking? The current street curbside parking is hardly sufficient for two way traffic if cars park on both sides of the street, what is the plan? Are cars going to be parking at Cabot’s Point, South Bay, and/or South Lakes? This project seem more costly than ~$5K to build, what about maintenance costs yearly and park improvements to avoid current unsanitary use of the surrounding woods?


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