Closed: New Family Naturals at Lake Anne Plaza

by Karen Goff August 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm 3 Comments

New Family Naturals is closed

New Family Naturals, the health food store and smoothie bar located at Lake Anne Plaza, has closed up shop.

Toya Tanis opened the location at 11414 Washington Plaza West in Summer 2012, after crowdsourcing some of the opening costs on Indiegogo.

The company raised $2,225 in donations to buy commercial sinks and retail refrigerators.

Tanis started New Family Naturals in 2011, mostly selling homemade kale chips and other snacks and juices at farmers markets, including the Saturday Reston Farmers Market at Lake Anne. After leasing the space at Lake Anne Plaza, Tanis remodeled the retail space with eco-friendly features.

Tanis could not be reached, but customers say she is going back to a catering and farmers market operation.

  • Alas

    She didn’t pick the absolute worst location (Tall Oaks), just the second worst.

    Apparently all the loiterers in that plaza aren’t interested in “healthy” crap. But since from all appearances they don’t have money or gainful employment, it is uncertain that they’d have patronized a store that sold more palatable fare.

    All in all, a questionable business plan.

  • ann

    My husband and I have tried going to the store almost every week during the farmers market. It is never open! We finally noticed the booth at the marker but all they offered was lotions or creams, none of their kale chips or other food items. Not surprised they are closing, what a shame.

  • Phil Lilienthal

    Sorry, folks. It’s a terrible location, based on past businesses there. It would take a marijuana store to make a go of it!


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