Commonwealth Investigating Possible Fairfax Voting Fraud

by Karen Goff August 26, 2014 at 11:00 am 5 Comments

Fairfax CountyFairfax County has discovered that more than one dozen people may have voted in both Fairfax and Montgomery (Md.) counties during the 2012 General Election.

The Fairfax County Electoral Board has referred 17 names to the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia and the federal Department of Justice for investigation of possible voter fraud. The county says some of the people’s names have appeared in multiple federal elections over the last decade.

“The Electoral Board takes its responsibility to ensure election integrity seriously,” Board Secretary Brian W. Schoeneman said in a statement. “After our initial review of county voting records and a comparison to Maryland voting records, we determined that it was in the public interest to refer these individuals to law enforcement for investigation.”

Schoeneman says the people “have not been accused of a crime and are of diverse ages, genders and political affiliations.”

The issues were revealed earlier this year after a third party voter organization review.  The county then requested voting records from Maryland, which were compared to Fairfax County’s records.  A review of those records led the board to conclude that there was sufficient evidence to warrant referrals to law enforcement for further investigation. A statewide list was provided to the Virginia Department of Elections, Schoeneman said.

  • Mike M

    But wait! The Democrats have already declared that there is no such thing as voter fraud. We should simply take people at their word and not request any form of ID. That would be just unseemly.

    • Richard

      This wasn’t an issue of voter ID. The reason they caught this “potential” fraud is because these people were on the registered voting roles in more than one jurisdiction and maybe thought they could get away with voting in both. It’s one of the few instances in which voter fraud still exists. It rarely occurs at the polls with someone who is pretending to be somebody else.

      • Mike M

        So we should never guard against it? Basically you are doing what I said Democrats have already done.

        Something I found out a long time ago: If there is enough money at stake certain humans will go to any length to get it. Same is true for political power.

  • John Brown, Ben Smith and Sue Taylor vote ALL OVER THE PLACE!! It’s about time the authorities took note.

  • Just your average citizen

    You should use the word racist when it is actually called for. Not just because you have no facts. Voter fraud is a serious issue.


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