Reston, VA

Nathan Rickman of Fairfax and Robin Witlin of Oak Hill were the men’s and women’s division winners of Sunday’s 31st Annual Reston Triathlon.

Rickman, 35, finished the race in 2:08:45. Witlin, 41, finished in 2:23:50.

Many Restonians earned honors in the age group and specialized categories. Among them: Lisa Seacrest-Earhardt (second in Athena category); Will Sickenberger (third overall; first in men’s 20-24 age group); Claire Wright (first in women’s 25-29);  Amy Bruton (first in women’s 30-34); and Deedee Loughran (first in women’s 50-55).

For all results, visit the Reston Triathlon website or the Amazing Race Timing database.


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