On the Docket: How to Spend the County Carryover

by Karen Goff September 9, 2014 at 9:30 am 8 Comments

Sharon Bulova/File photoThe Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is back from its summer recess. For one of its first tasks in September, the board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday on how to spend $11 million left over from Fiscal Year 2014, which ended in June.

County Supervisor Chair Sharon Bulova calls the carryover a “relatively modest” balance when considering the county’s $3.7 billion budget.

The carryover is “mostly the result of savings efficiencies,” Bulova said in a county video previewing the Sept. 9 supervisors’ meeting.

Some of the Reston-area projects that came out spending less than usual: Plaza America pedestrian improvements ($99,000) and the new Reston District Police Station ($800,000). To see an itemized list of projects, their costs/savings and the entire carryover presentation, visit Fairfax County’s website.

“We are still not out of the woods yet,” said Bulova. “Both the county and the state are affected by sequestration and federal cutbacks, which has impacted our public sector. Fairfax County Public Schools also have a positive balance of $23 million after absorbing the cost of all-day Mondays for the elementary schools.”

The school board voted last spring to eliminate elementary schools’ early release Mondays, which had been the schedule for decades. This allows for additional class time and built-in instructional time to absorb snow days, but also will cost the school system millions in extra costs. There has been internal criticism that the board acted without having the financial impact analyzed.

Bulova said the supervisors plan to make a transfer of $7.6 million to schools as “guidance for FY2016 in order to accommodate the recurring cost of the program.”

Overall, most of the money is likely to remain in reserves in order to pay for items in FY2016,  which begins in July 2015, says Bulova.

“I plan to recommend that the balance of the 2014 budget be held in reserve in order to assist with the upcoming fiscal year,” Bulova said.

File photo of Fairfax County Supervisor Chair Sharon Bulova

  • Mike M

    How about lower taxes next year?

    • Fairfax Watcher

      Dear Mike: Good Luck with that one as the BOS will never do that as long as they have the helpless homeowners to tax! They sit there and never look for ways to reduce homeowners tax bills. Bulova just let the clock run out on the meals tax referendum for this November election. If they won’t allow voters to vote on the meals tax which is the MOST fairest of taxes, they will never to anything that adds risks to their reelections!!!!

      • Mike M

        Understood. It was odd that Ms. Bulova only wanted to know what shiny new stuff they should buy. Maybe someone should tell her the region is finally getting its economic downturn. Let’s hope it stays mild so that we can afford the BOS’s spending habits. It’s not lost on me that my property taxes are getting to be as big a proportion of my monthly mortgage payment as the principal and interest.

  • jjski

    Lower taxes? Heck, I’d be happy as long as they didn’t raise the tax rate again next year. It was made worse by the county also assessing my place higher than in 2013. Like a 1-2 punch.

  • east297

    How about a rainy day fund? Oh no, any surplus Burns a hole in “bos” pockets! Milk those tax payers!

  • Consis Tently-Wright

    The title alone illustrates the wrong thinking …
    “On the Docket: How to Spend the County Carryover”
    .. it just plants the seed in most taxpayers mind that this is money that needs to be spent when in fact it is money to be preserved. So just to be clear, how about

    “On the docket: how to preserve the county carryover”

  • Demorat

    I’m sure the county’s constituents who voted for these liberal supervisors and Connelly won’t have any problem coughing up another 15 million to pay for the illegals dumped on our door steps. That’s the Democratic way isn’t it? Never mind Americans and their right. Oh, don’t worry about those kids having their vaccinations and bringing TB into the community. No boarders, no culture, the Democratic way….

  • Feh

    (sigh) How about GIVE IT BACK to the taxpayers?

    Apparently, giving them money is like giving a teenager a $20 to go to the store – don’t expect to get any change back.


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