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Reston Association Assessment May Increase by $8

by Andrea Swalec October 14, 2014 at 10:35 am 9 Comments

Reston Association(Updated at 3:10 p.m.) The annual fee paid by all Reston homeowners and renters may increase by $8 in 2015, following greater increases in recent years.

Reston Association documents show the Board of Directors has proposed a 2015 assessment of $642, which is just 1.3 percent more than the 2014 amount of $634.

Thorough planning helped the RA keep the assessment cost down this year, the group said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

“The budget process last year incorporated cost-saving measures as well as accounting for the additional units to be added to the RA membership early next year,” the statement said. “In addition, RA staff has been steadily increasing the amount of non-assessment revenue, including merchandise sales and facility rentals.”

The RA expects to collect more than $13 million in assessments in 2015 to cover the costs of pool and tennis court maintenance, tree planting, free and low-cost recreation programs and more. Total estimated revenue for the year comes in at more than $16 million.

Expenses in 2015 reach nearly $14 million, with $5.4 million spent on management and headquarters costs, $2.7 million spent on recreation services and $2.1 million spent on park maintenance.

Residents paid these assessments in previous years, according to the RA.


Year    Amount    Percent Increase 
2000    $370.00
2001    $375.00   1.35%
2002    $387.00   3.20%
2003    $399.00   3.10%
2004    $415.00   4.01%
2005    $425.00   2.41%
2006    $437.00   2.82%
2007    $437.00   0.00%
2008    $475.00   8.70%
2009    $491.00   3.37%
2010    $515.00   4.89%
2011    $540.00   4.85%
2012    $565.00   4.50%
2013    $590.00  4.50%
2014    $634.00   7.45%

Residents who pay assessments after March 1 of each year are subject to a late fee of 10 percent, according to the RA’s website. An additional 10 percent will be applied if the amount is not received by August. An annual 12 percent interest rate also applies to all past due balances, the site says.

Locals can weigh in on the proposed 2015 assessment amount and next year’s budget at a public hearing at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23 at 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr.

  • Mike M

    Finally a rate of increase that is even close to the rate of inflation. Am I supposed to be grateful after that seven and half percent gouge last year?

    Bocce anyone?

  • thebratwurstking

    It’s still an increase! almost 60% since we bought our property. have the quality and additional facilities improved by that number? oh wait, there are no new facilities, just an increase in staff and their salaries. lucky us…

  • Rational Reston

    It all goes back to when they changed the RA governance rules and moved the end date for ballots to get enough responses to qualify. Jimmy Carter needs to oversea RA elections. But with those new rules they can increase the fee at their will with no repercussion.

  • Laura Calacci

    Is anyone surprised? I guess Cate Fulkerson would like another performance bonus. And those I-Pads we bought the RA Board probably need to be replaced by now.

  • CommonSense

    We could just have an 8% reduction of RA budget, cut salaries, bennies and staff.
    Why does the Reston community not have a voice on any RA decisions?

    • Charles E. Brie

      The Reston community DOES have a voice. Did you not read the last line of this article? “Locals can weigh in on the proposed 2015 assessment amount and next year’s budget at a public hearing at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23 at 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr.”

  • CommonSense

    So glad we’re supporting a cushy lifestyle for RA employees..they need to cut back and stay within budget.

  • east297

    When we moved to Reston in 1971 we paid $55 in homeowner dues… And paid for use of tennis courts and pools.. Wow, guess all the SERVICES require more funding…really? Let’s see the salaries of RA employees!

    • Laura Calacci

      Right, and now we pay 635 + extra for the annual ID cards needed to enter the pools and tennis courts. And they want another increase. It’s not only the generous salaries of the RA employees. Its the 401K match we pay for them, plus 95% of their health insurance, 100% of the dental plans, tuition reimbursement, plus God knows what else. Cate Fulkerson got a 5000 dollar performance bonus right after she was made CEO. I’d like to see the budget for lunches, studies, enrichment and all the other BS they waste money on. Oh and don’t forget the I pads we bought for the board members.


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