Closed: AT&T Store at North Point

by Karen Goff October 27, 2014 at 9:30 am 8 Comments

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Another Reston store has closed its doors.

The AT&T retail store at 1452 North Point Village Center has been boarded up since at least a week ago.

No word as to why the store closed or what might be opening it its place.

There is another AT&T store in Market Street in Reston Town Center and at Herndon’s Clocktower.

There are some other vacancies at the village center. The stand-alone Burger King has been vacant since last year. The former Blockbuster Video store sat empty for more than two years, but is currently being remodeled to open as Glory Days Grill soon.

  • GB

    The village centers need more density. When they are redeveloped they should be mixed use with 4-5 stories of residential on top, and well served by buses.

    • TheKingJAK

      More density? Lol. most of the village centers are already surrounded by high-density development. I see apartments surrounding most of the village centers, town houses, you name it. It can be difficult to find parking on days such as this, and the stores are packed.

  • thinkinginvirginia

    I doubt high density would have changed the outcome of this….companies all over are cutting costs….and with other stores in Herndon and Reston Town Center, consolidation isn’t a surprise – especially in a still struggling economy with rising cost in healthcare, energy, etc….. particularly when so many customer interactions with ATT can be done now online or by phone. Too bad the space isn’t adjacent to Starbucks. Their line is always to the door and they could use more space.

    • vdiv

      The former BK would make for a great Starbucks. It has a drive through!

      I’m sad to see the T store go, I used it a few times, it was convenient. My money is on the Radio Shack next.

      • thinkinginvirginia

        Great idea!

      • TheKingJAK

        You have a great point, but it’s simply my opinion that I enjoy the Starbucks as is. I enjoy the saloon style layout, as well as the tables and general congregation area outside. I’d rather see another restaurant, preferably fast food, move into the former BK. As for the AT&T store, they had very steady business, especially this time of year when it picks up towards Christmas. My family used that store all the way back since it was Cellular One. Regarding Radio Shack, I actually pray that store doesn’t leave. There is NO other store like Radio Shack, especially for the hobbyist. There was a manager there one time who helped me out tremendously with radio equipment, and he knew not only where every item was located by heart, but he also knew precisely what I required without even having to explain it all to him.

    • TheKingJAK

      The problem is primarily with the rent. The property owner has been requesting increasingly expensive fees. If you speak with enough of the business owners, you’ll learn of some disturbing issues with the properties owned by the same company.

      • thinkinginvirginia

        Yep…last thing businesses need these days is higher rent on top of all their other increasing costs. Too bad to see so many stores closing up.


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