Connolly Thanks Voters ‘For Placing Your Trust in Me Once Again’

by Karen Goff November 5, 2014 at 8:13 am 13 Comments

Gerry Connolly addresses supporters on Nov. 4, 2014/Credit: Connolly Campaign

(Updated Wednesday, 7 a.m.)

Virginia 11th District Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) won another term to the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, defeating main challenger Suzanne Scholte (R).

Connolly was declared the winner about 9 p.m. When all the votes were in, Connolly had 57 percent of the them to Scholte’s 40 percent. Joe Galdo (Green) and Marc Harrold (Libertarian) each earned less than 2 percent of the vote.

The 2014 midterm election marked Reston voters’ return to Connolly’s congressional district. Reston had been in the Virginia 8th District (then represented by Democrat Jim Moran) for a decade before 2010 redistricting returned the heavily Democratic bloc to the 11th.

Connolly, a former Chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, has been in Congress since 2008.

At his campaign gathering in Crystal City Tuesday night, Connolly thanked the 11th District voters “for placing your trust in me once again.”

“I shall strive to redeem their trust and to honor their values in all I do,” Connolly said.

Tuesday night’s victory marked the 10th consecutive election win for Connolly.

“We’re a divided country. It’s not just Congress that’s divided; our communities are divided: and our states are divided. And that’s because we share some values and we differ on others,” Connolly said.

Nearby, Republican State Del. Barbara Comstock was an easy winner (57 percent of the vote) over Democratic Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust (39 percent) in the 10th District. In the 8th, Don Beyer (D) earned 67 percent of the vote to defeat several challengers.

The two questions asked to Fairfax County voters also passed by large margins.

A Constitutional amendment allowing the Virginia General Assembly to provide property tax exemption to  surviving spouses of an armed forces member killed in action passed with 197,088 Fairfax County voters saying yes and 32,373 voting no.

Fairfax County also asked voters to authorize a $100 million transportation bond, which received more than 164,000 favorable votes.

The transportation bond is slated to provide:

  • Spot road improvements to increase roadway capacity, reduce congestion, improve safety, and improve transit access ($16 million)
  • Pedestrian improvements to improve capacity, enhance safety and complete missing pedestrian links that connect neighborhoods, and improve access to schools, Metrorail stations and activity centers ($78 million)
  • Bicycle improvements that include developing new bicycle facilities, constructing trails, adding bicycle parking and enhancing accessibility ($6 million)

The Senate race between Mark Warner (D) and Ed Gillespie (R) was close and still being counted Tuesday night.

Photo: Gerry Connolly addresses supporters in Crystal City Tuesday night/Credit: Connolly campaign

  • Laura Calacci

    Ok, so Fairfax County libs pulled it out for “belly to the buffet” Gerry Connolly. The bigger story is the Republican tsunami in the House and Senate and several governors races. So Gerry will be even more impotent. And if Mark Warner survives a recount, Gillespie will be well situated for the next Governor of Virginia. All in all a great night for Republicians. Obama era is over. Thank God.

    • Adrian Havill

      Just two weeks ago, Laura, you were obsessing about Ebola and how the immigrants were going to spread it in the hospitals, etc. How did that work out since O.J. Simpson has still killed more Americans that Ebola? (I imagine you were one of the first to have MREs in your basement during the Y2K scare.) Your paranoid assertions combined with name calling is a good example of what’s wrong with America today.

      • Laura Calacci

        Actually you are wrong. I alwlays knew the Y2K thing was pure hype. You must be a government worker.

        • Adrian Havill

          Too many assertions, too many assumptions. Now go sell a townhouse or something.

          • Bah

            Your smug stupidity combined with name calling is a good example of what’s wrong with America today.

  • novatom

    Congratulations to Gerry C. and Mark Warner for bucking the tide last night!

  • Linda Ascher Singer

    To those who wrote nasty comments to me for supporting Gerry, I say, ” This was a great win” for me and all of the residents of Gerry’s district .

    • Bah

      What a triumph, winning in a totally gerrymandered district with a tenfold advantage in money.

      • Adrian Havill

        Of course, none of this ever happens in Republican gerrymandered districts.

        • Bah

          Nobody here is crowing about such a non-triumph.

    • Cluster Tycoon

      Get over yourself Linda and get over your win already. Half the population of Syria is homeless thanks to your master’s failed foreign policies. All you care about is your train and how to run your errands.
      With respect to the nasty comments you claim were levied against you – there were no nasty comments except for perhaps one which was deleted. Well at least you have a roof over your head, clean water and heat. God bless.

    • susie

      Linda will you be happy when your taxes go up? FCPS budget “talks” are about to begin again. How will it finance all of Gerry’s kids from south of the border flooding our school system?

  • Bah

    This from the party of stupid, evil, and crazy.


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