Why You’re Working Out and Not Seeing Results

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This is a sponsored column by Jessica Storm, ACSM Health/Fitness Specialist and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. Jessica is the owner of Storm Fitness – A Personal Training and Nutrition Company based in Reston.

Working out but not getting the results you want?

It really isn’t a secret and it really isn’t your fault that you aren’t achieving or seeing the results you desire with your current fitness program. You just need a fresh perspective.

We can often be our own worst enemy when carrying out our fitness routine. Here are the top five traps we see with some of our clients.

Lack Of Consistency in Your Workouts. What is most important is that you do some type of exercise five to six days per week on a consistent basis. This trumps intensity.

All too often, I hear about people starting intense workout programs and going hard for three or four months and then completely burning themselves out because the program is unsustainable.  It’s the same as going on a crazy, restricted diet that you know you can’t sustain for the long haul. Be consistent with both your workouts and your eating. Seek the help of a professional to find a balance and middle ground if you are struggling in this area.

Not Understanding Your Body Type and the Specific Exercises it Needs. Finding the right combination of fitness programing is not as simple as it may seem.

I think videos and group classes are great, but they’re not for everyone and they certainly won’t produce the same results for everyone. Everybody is different and needs individualized programing.

For example, I have clients that bulk in the thighs very quickly and it’s not a “look” they are after.  I have a very customized routine for these types of individuals and I actually make sure to avoid weighted squats and lunges for these body types.

These are great exercises. But for my clients who are frustrated when their pants get too tight in the thigh area, this exercise is not for them. Instead, we shape and streamline with a boatload of other thigh trimming exercise that make the thighs slender rather than bulky.

Binge Eating on the Weekend and/or Improper Diet in General. If you haven’t heard of clean eating, then we need to talk. Changing your eating habits is a step-by-step process for most clients. You will never see or feel the results you want if you are eating junk calories. All the exercise in the world will never make up for improper eating habits.

It’s imperative to begin taking steps towards eating a whole foods based “clean eating” diet at least 80 percent of the time (and yes, it is possible). This is a true lifestyle change; bouncing around with your weight on fad diet and fitness routines is ultimately damaging to your health.

You Think Personal Training is For the Rich and Famous. If you aren’t changing your workout program often enough, then you’re going to stop seeing the results very quickly.

Without the guidance of a professional overseeing your routine, you may never see the results that you want. With an educated and professionally certified personal trainer and nutritionist overseeing what you’re doing, you will quickly realize that you have made a great investment.

Read some of our testimonials and you will see how many clients wish they had called us sooner.

Missing out on the Mind/Body Connection. Don’t underestimate this one. One role of a certified professional is to help you achieve this faster than you ever would on your own. I believe the mind-muscle connection plays a bigger role in seeing results than even science has lead us to believe. I witness unbelievable things each week with our clients. Cultivate your mind-body connection and watch your results soar!

There is a sweet spot with both nutrition and exercise — let a certified professional help you find it so you can be and feel your very best!

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