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Live Fairfax is a bi-weekly column exploring Fairfax County. This recurring column is sponsored and written by Sharmane Medaris of McEnearney Associates. Questions? Reach Sharmane at 813-504-4479.

Have you explored the culinary treasure that is Fava Pot?

This local gem not only serves authentic Egyptian cuisine but also embodies the passion and vibrancy of our community.

Fava Pot is definitely passion on the plate. Offering a menu filled with savory delights, showcasing owner Dina Daniel’s dedication to quality and tradition. Dina’s remarkable journey, which began as a humble food truck, has evolved into a beloved local restaurant, captivating the taste buds of locals with its authentic Egyptian cuisine.

Fava Pot offers a menu filled with savory delights, showcasing the owner’s dedication to quality and tradition. From koshari to delightful vegetarian options, each dish is a testament to culinary excellence.

Experience firsthand the fusion of tradition, quality, and community vibrancy that makes Fava Pot a true local gem. Your taste buds are in for a treat — join us in this video as we give you the look into the savoring the rich flavors and stories that Fava Pot has to offer.

Sharmane Medaris | Live Fairfax | | [email protected] | @soldbysharmane | 813-504-4479 | 374 Maple Avenue Suite 202, Vienna, VA 22180

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This biweekly column is sponsored by The Mather in Tysons, Virginia, a forward-thinking Life Plan Community for those 62 and better.

When it comes to interior design, green is becoming a popular trend for creating thoughtful, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.

Green, of course, is referring to sustainable interior design — a style that emphasizes the use of ecologically and ethically conscious furnishings and materials. It’s a widely appealing approach already making its way into places like The Mather, a Life Plan Community for those 62 and better.

With open floor plans and elegant fixtures, The Mather’s modern apartment homes — some up to 3,300 square feet — are a dream for interior designers like Kelly LaPlante. As a sustainability expert, LaPlante is designing the model apartment homes at The Mather with a heightened perspective on eco-friendly possibilities.

“There are so many more companies who are sustainably minded and are offering eco-friendly products,” LaPlante says. “It’s becoming a much more viable option for everyone.”

Basic sustainable interior design begins with placing an emphasis on longevity and flexibility, while being mindful of product life cycles; in other words, how long the product will be of use before it ends up in a landfill. This puts more responsibility on the designer to prevent materials and products from being discarded if they’re still functional.

Over time, some sustainability pursuits evolve based on the client’s or homeowner’s perspective. For example, a person with health concerns might focus on improving indoor air quality by sourcing low-toxicity carpets, finishes, and paints.

“Sustainable interior design refers to creating spaces that are deeply considerate of the planet and people,” LaPlante says. “There are many factors to it, and one’s focus will depend on their personal values.”

When seeking to lighten your environmental footprint, LaPlante suggests starting with the three Rs:

  1. Reduce — Reduce waste, especially the act of discarding products just because of it going out of style. Minimize the amount of materials and resources whenever possible. Limit purchasing products made with toxins or poorly made products.
  2. Reuse — Rather than buying replacement furniture, hold onto pieces that are meaningful to you and find ways to give them new life. Consider what you already own, so you’re not contributing to the need for production and shipping, which are hard on the environment. You can use these items as accents to your decor.
  3. Recycle — Use repurposed furniture. Mix in vintage or antique pieces — and/or pieces that are made from recycled materials. You can reupholster chairs or sofas, change out legs on chairs and tables, and update hardware like drawer pulls. Be responsible about how you dispose of pieces you are done with by recycling whenever possible.

“As with those moving into The Mather this spring, people moving into a new home will have the opportunity to reuse some of their existing pieces, so I’d always encourage starting there,” LaPlante says. “When you do purchase new items, be diligent about looking for pieces that are well made and will stand the test of time — so that they don’t end up in a landfill in five or ten years.”

Kelly adds another recommendation for those interested in sustainability: purchase organic bedding to set the stage for overall health and well-being. “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and that is when we do our deepest restoration,” she says. “So make the healthiest possible choices when it comes to your mattress and bedding; your bed should be a toxin-free zone.”

Making healthy choices in interior design — from comforters to couches — can result in a home that’s as ecologically sound as it is attractive.

The Mather in Tysons, VA, for those 62 and better, is a forward-thinking Life Plan Community that defies expectations of what senior living is supposed to be. It opens in 2024.

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Written by Mina Lucks, Synergy Design & Construction

The soul of a home is found in the spaces where we cook, gather, and recharge, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. In this article, we delve into the art and science of maximizing functionality and style in kitchen renovations, and we’ll look at the latest innovations in bathroom design and remodeling.   

Maximizing Functionality and Style in Kitchen Renovations     

While the functionality of a kitchen is key, the style is equally important, as visually appealing kitchens contribute to the overall ambiance and your experience of the home. But how can you successfully achieve both?  

Take, for instance, a recent kitchen remodel, where space was maximized without compromising on a polished aesthetic. Innovative storage solutions are woven into the design, enhancing everyday usability and transforming the kitchen into a space that effortlessly caters to the demands of modern living.  

Check out the full kitchen remodel here.

Here’s another project where design boundaries were pushed. This space was maximized by adding cabinets to the right-hand side of the kitchen and taking them all the way to the ceiling. An added island separates the kitchen from the family room and provides additional seating without cramping the space.

See the full kitchen remodel here.

In balancing practicality with style, it’s all about thoughtfully using every inch of the space you have.  

Innovations in Bathroom Design and Remodeling  

We are witnessing an evolution in bathroom design with trends that go beyond the basics to create spaces that are luxurious and rejuvenating.  

Picture a spa-like sanctuary within your home. This bathroom was transformed into a haven of relaxation — from a natural marble countertop, a collection of floor tile with radiant heating, and a relocated window for natural light, this space is truly a spa-like retreat.   

Check out this bathroom (plus a whole home remodel) here!

An additional bathroom trend is the incorporation of patterns as a distinctive touch, adding personality and flair.   

This bathroom remodel showcases how the integration of these elements can elevate the bathroom experience.

Get the full glimpse of this bathroom renovation here.

Feeling Inspired?  

If your kitchen or bathroom just isn’t cutting it anymore, it may be time to transform these spaces for you, too!   

Contact Synergy Design & Construction today at 706-766-6333 or fill out the form and let us be your partner in crafting a home that energizes your everyday experience.

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Live Fairfax is a bi-weekly column alternating with “Exploring Fairfax” that takes a deeper look around Fairfax County. This recurring column is sponsored and written by Sharmane Medaris and Aaron Nichols of McEnearney Associates Questions? Reach Sharmane at 813-504-4479 and Aaron at 703-915-9852.

This newly opened golf lounge in Centreville is the perfect place to work on your swing, play a round of golf or simply have some fun with your friends!

Whether it’s during the winter months or the hot and humid summer, golfers no longer need to wait for fair weather to hone their skills or enjoy a round with friends. Boasting cutting-edge simulators and a cozy atmosphere, the No. 1 Golf Lounge recreates the unique experience of playing on world-renowned courses, allowing you to tee off against stunning backdrops without ever leaving the comfort of the lounge.

Join us in this video to see what makes this indoor golf destination unique. Whether you’re a serious golfer looking to fine-tune your swing or a beginner eager to learn the basics, this lounge offers customizable settings and professional guidance to cater to individual needs.

The No. 1 Golf Lounge is also a great venue for events and corporate gatherings. From team-building exercises to birthday parties, the lounge’s flexible space and amenities cater to various occasions, providing a memorable and interactive experience for attendees.

Whether you’re aiming for the green or simply seeking a welcoming environment to unwind, the No. 1 Golf Lounge in Centreville will be a great time!

Aaron Nichols | | [email protected] | @itsaaronnichols | 703-915-9852 | 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA

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This biweekly column is sponsored by The Mather in Tysons, Virginia, a forward-thinking Life Plan Community for those 62 and better.

Research has shown that older adults who engage with the arts in a group setting — anything from dancing to a poetry group to singing in a choir — enjoy tangible benefits in multiple areas of health. This has to do with feelings of mastery, and with social connection.

“This research, combined with Dr. Gene Cohen’s description of life after 50 as a time of potential and inner growth known as the Creative Age, forms a foundation for using creativity to support personal wellness,” says Caroline Edasis, AVP of resident engagement for Mather. Mather is the organization that’s bringing The Mather, a forward-thinking Life Plan Community for those 62 and better, opening in Tysons next month.

Mather encourages residents in their existing communities — not just those who are established artists — to try creating new art forms in Open Art Studios. These studios, which position arts engagement as a vehicle for wellness, not just recreation, inviting both lifelong and new artists to explore their own Creative Age in a welcoming group setting.

“While working in diverse media including ceramics and mixed media/painting, participants often realize alongside their peers that they have an untapped expressive ability, a new love for a specific media, or a personal project to pursue,” says Caroline. “One of our master’s-level facilitators, trained in art and psychology, is present to support each individual’s creative journey, and that person helps transform the group into an uplifting community in which residents learn more about each other and themselves.”

Inquiry-Based Art Viewing

Mather also has a signature approach to art appreciation — one that mirrors how contemporary museum practices are evolving. Rather than teaching or encouraging art appreciation with lectures from an expert such as a docent, they focus on inclusive, inquiry-based art-viewing techniques.

“Did you know that the average person spends 17 seconds looking at a work of art in a museum?” asks Caroline. “In our visual literacy programs, we often spend a full hour describing an image, sharing stories conjured by the work of art, or even creating group poems in response to the work. These techniques focus on the interests, experiences, and curiosity of viewers to deliver intellectually stimulating content while challenging us to bring culture down from the pedestal and into our lives.”

The Mather has already formed relationships with local arts organizations, and plans to offer inquiry-based art experiences for residents on-site in museums, theaters, galleries, and more.

Mather recognizes that creativity is about much more than visual art. They encourage everyone to recognize aging as a time of great creative potential, whether through music, poetry, storytelling, dance and movement, or even gardening — the sky is truly the limit.

The Mather, opening in early 2024 in Tysons, VA, for those 62 and better, is a forward-thinking Life Plan Community that defies expectations of what senior living is supposed to be.

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This sponsored column is written by the team at Arrowine & Cheese (4508 Cherry Hill Road in Arlington). Sign up for the email newsletter and receive exclusive discounts and offers. Experience Arrowine’s Tastings & Events. Have a question? Email [email protected].

Happy February!

We’re two months into the new year and Valentine’s Day — less than 24 hours away — is a time for romance, chocolates and best of all, Champagne. But specifically, Grower Champagne like Champagne Bauser.

Kicking your taste buds and with Special Bottling, Champagne Bauser is now available at Arrowine. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

How did Champagne Bauser come to Arrowine? A little bit of backstory from Doug Rosen himself…

I was hunting for Champagne from the tiny Village of Les Ricey (the home of Marie and Olivier Horiot, whose Champagnes are the best-known, highly allocated, and twice the price. We have a few right now.)

Les Ricey was a favorite source of Champagne for Louis XIV. It is located at the southern end of the Côte des Bar, far removed from the big-name Champagne Houses in Reims, etc. But this sleepy corner of Champagne is a favorite source of grapes for the “Big Gun” Champagne Houses.

Les Ricey’s Champagnes are richly flavored, extremely mineral (for Pinot Noir,) and very Burgundian. Considering how close Les Riceys is to Chablis and that it enjoys the same Kimmeridgian soils, it should not be surprising.

With such a high demand for Les Ricey fruit, few producers and far fewer Estate Bottlers export to the United States and command hefty price tags when they do. But not at Arrowine. At as low as $44.99 a bottle, Champagne Bauser is a “stupid good” and a steal! Don’t drink this standing up; you might pass out from pleasure.

And don’t forget the chocolates and cheese! What’s Champagne on Valentine’s Day without the cheese, charcuterie and chocolates?

Champagne Bauser Cuvee Brut Premiere (Photo via Arrowine)

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Interested in graduate school?

George Mason University invites you to attend an upcoming open house at Mason Square in Arlington to learn more about the 40+ graduate programs at three Mason academic units: the Schar School of Policy and GovernmentCostello College of Business, and the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at an in-person open house.

Arlington Graduate Open House

When: Thursday, February 22 | Drop by any time between 5-7 p.m.!
Where: Van Metre Hall Multipurpose Room | 3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201

This is the perfect opportunity to explore your graduate school options, meet your future professors face-to-face, connect with our admissions team, and find out where a Mason graduate degree can take you next.

George Mason University offers in-state tuition to Virginia residents. Plus, incoming Schar School students who reside in Washington, D.C., and Maryland can now qualify for the Regional Pricing Policy for a master’s or certificate program! ​​

Hourly parking is available in the Van Metre Hall Garage. The campus is also metro accessible (Virginia Square — Orange or Silver lines). To learn more about the 40+ graduate programs at George Mason University’s Arlington campus, register for the open house or fill out our inquiry form.

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This is a sponsored column by attorneys John Berry and Kimberly Berry of Berry & Berry, PLLC, an employment and labor law firm located in Northern Virginia that specializes in federal employee, security clearance, retirement and private sector employee matters.

By John V. Berry, Esq

Financial issues are one of the most common security concerns for security clearance holders or applicants. When facing financial issues, it is important to be proactive in attempting to rectify them before they become a reason for the loss of a security clearance. When you run into these issues, it is important to hire a security clearance lawyer to advise you.

Financial issues are often called “Guideline F” cases in security clearance cases. In Guideline F cases, the Government’s concern involves how a person has handled his or her finances and their vulnerability to financial manipulation. The criteria for evaluating such cases are covered in Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD 4) (pages 15-16).

Here are 5 tips for security clearance holders or applicants when dealing with financial debts and other issues:

  1. Remain Current on Debts

This can be easier said than done. Most security clearance clients seek our assistance when they have had multiple bills that are past due, delinquent, in collections or have been charged off. In some cases, the debts have been ignored. In financial cases, the existence of multiple unpaid debts is one of the most common reasons for denying a security clearance. The first step is to quickly work to resolve major debts to avoid security clearance issues.

  1. Work with Creditors (or at Least Attempt to)

A debt cannot always be paid off in full immediately. Additionally, it can be easy to ignore a creditor, especially where the debt is too high or disputed, but that is not a good idea. Clearance holders or applicants who attempt to resolve a debt are far better off than those who ignore it. Sometimes creditors do not return calls or are unreasonable, but the key is to document all of the steps taken to resolve a debt. Even where a creditor is unwilling to respond or resolve matters, this can be very important. It is often the case that a creditor will settle a debt with an individual. Clearance holders or applicants should attempt to work with creditors where possible to resolve their debts. All documentation about such efforts should be retained for possible use later.

  1. Stay Current with Taxes

Clearance holders in tax trouble or who fail to pay and/or file their taxes take a major risk in losing their security clearance. This risk increases if the issue affects multiple tax years. Tax issues are viewed more significantly for security clearance purposes because they are debts owed to the Government. The Government focuses on both taxes owed and whether or not tax filings were completed on time.

If outstanding taxes or tax liens are too much for the individual to pay off all at once, it is important to try to work out a resolution with the IRS or state/county tax agency. All efforts showing good faith work to resolve tax issues can be helpful if a security clearance issue arises. We often recommend involving a tax attorney or accountant, depending on the severity of the tax issues.

  1. Report Major Financial Issues to Security Officers

If major financial issues arise, it can be important to report them, in advance, to an individual’s security officer. Doing so in appropriate situations can be used as evidence of mitigation for these security concerns. For example, if a bankruptcy arises, it is important to report that to a security officer. If a clearance holder needs to report a financial issue they should consult with counsel immediately to determine the best course of action.

  1. Show Financial Stability

When financial security concerns arise, it is helpful for security clearance holders and applicants to show that their finances are being managed well. It is important to show that the individual has a budget, lives within their means, and has a plan for paying off major debts.

Contact Us

When facing financial security concerns it is important to consult with a security clearance lawyer. If you need assistance with a security clearance issue, please contact our office at 703-668-0070 or at to schedule a consultation.

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How are your resolutions going?

A quick Google search for “Top New Year’s Resolutions” returns searches on health, finances, travel and living sustainably.

If you’ve already used a cheat day, skipped the gym and are left staring at the self-help books you bought a couple weeks ago, you’re not alone. But maybe it’s not that you are bad at resolutions… maybe you just need to make a different resolution — one that not only includes that self-improvement we’re looking for, but also the reward of contributing to your community through service.

The volunteers with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue invite you to join them in serving your neighbors by becoming a first responder (EMT, firefighter) or administrative support member at one of 12 volunteer stations in Fairfax County.

Volunteers serve alongside career staff who work 24/7, 365 days, responding to 911 calls for fires, car accidents, health emergencies and more. Volunteers also help with stand-by opportunities such as 5Ks, high school sports contests and community special events; assist with prolonged responses due to size, scale, weather, etc.; and help educate families about fire safety in their home.

No previous experience is necessary — training and equipment is provided.

Volunteers should be ready to:

  • Learn and train
  • Dedicate their time to practicing and improving their skills
  • Contributing to their local fire station, which are all incorporated 501(c)(3) organizations

There is a rush when responding to an incident with “lights and sirens” in your apparatus. There is the challenge of responding to difficult situations with skills you have learned and teammates you must work with. And there is the reward of helping someone on what may be their absolute worst day — because you are among the first to respond.

This year, please consider giving back to the community through service. And if helping others through emergency response sounds like an opportunity you’d like to learn more about, please watch our latest video, learn about our requirements and find a station near you at

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Live Fairfax is a bi-weekly column exploring Fairfax County. This recurring column is sponsored and written by Sharmane Medaris of McEnearney Associates. Questions? Reach Sharmane at 813-504-4479.

Embark on a culinary journey where exceptional flavors meet community spirit.

If you’re on the lookout for more than just a dining experience, look no further than Hamrock’s Restaurant in the heart of the City of Fairfax. Here, the commitment to providing not only delectable dishes but also fostering a sense of community sets Hamrock’s apart.

Join us in this video to get a glimpse of the passion behind the restaurant and indulge in some behind-the-scenes cooking fun we experienced. Hamrock’s is not just a spot to eat; it’s a place where culinary excellence meets the warmth of community connections.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to make those special occasions truly memorable, look no further than Hamrock’s! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (seriously, their brunch is out of this world), Father’s Day, or even Thanksgiving (Pro Tip: the Family Meal Take Out Kits are a game-changer), Hamrock’s has you covered. And don’t get me started on Lobster Sundays — it’s a must-try!

I’ve been to several events at Hamrock’s, and let me tell you, they never disappoint. The vibe, the food, the whole experience — it’s always on point. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on the magic they create!

Sharmane Medaris | Live Fairfax | | [email protected] | @soldbysharmane | 813-504-4479 | 374 Maple Avenue Suite 202, Vienna, VA 22180

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Whenever you get behind the wheel, there’s an expectation that your journey will be safe and uninterrupted. However, as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.”

While you always intend to arrive safely, unexpected road events can disrupt those plans. Regrettably, despite adhering to all road safety rules, you might be in a car accident.

So, what’s the next step? The aftermath of an accident can be stressful as you deal with both physical and emotional trauma. Yet, in this challenging time, there’s a ray of hope: securing personal injury compensation with the assistance of a dedicated car accident attorney.

The Search for a Car Accident Lawyer

Yes, you may understand the indispensable role of a car accident attorney when seeking compensation. But this is just the beginning. How do you actually find the right one? It may seem complicated with so many attorneys out there today.

But things don’t have to be difficult when you follow this recommended path to finding the right car accident attorney for your case. Here is a rundown of some of the factors to keep in mind in your search:

Attorney Fees

Legal help doesn’t come cheap. But you don’t have to dig into your pockets when working with a personal injury attorney  since most use a contingency fee structure. This means the attorney will not ask for any money upfront.

And if you think about it, this model is quite helpful, as you may be dealing with mounting medical bills at the time. With the contingency fee structure, the attorney will get their payment from the compensation you are awarded if you emerge victorious. Most attorneys cap their cut at around 33 percent.


As you may know, personal injury is a diverse field with many branches, from medical malpractice to workplace injury to animal bites to car accidents. Similarly, most lawyers specialize in a specific branch of personal injury.

Therefore, you should work with a lawyer who specializes in car accidents. The ideal attorney should have taken cases to trial and succeeded, as this bolsters your chances should an out-of-court settlement fail in your case.


Personal injury law is complex, so it’s understandable that you have many questions. You may want to know what your chances of winning are or what strategy the lawyer will use to ensure your victory.

“A good personal injury attorney should be meticulous and communicative. They should ensure the client fully understands their situation using easy-to-understand language and answer their questions politely and thoroughly,” says attorney Michael McCready of McCreadyLaw Injury Attorneys. As such, don’t be afraid to ask what methods of communication they intend to use if you work together.

Their status

It’s no secret that your attorney’s status in the legal community may affect your case. If you work with a well-respected attorney, the odds may be in your favor. As such, feel free to ask how many of their cases have come from attorney referrals.

You can also do your homework to find out more about their reputation. You can contact the state bar to determine if they have faced any disciplinary actions.

Are they backed by a firm?

You’ll want to work with an attorney with enough resources to handle your case. This means they are backed by a resourceful firm with access to staffers who can handle your case, however complex it may be.

Does the attorney have an organized office space? Do they have other staff available? If so, this is an indication that they are running a professional business.


A qualified car accident lawyer may just be the weight required to tip the scales in your favor and help you win the case. While you may pursue the case yourself, this is inadvisable, as your chances of winning may be lower. And with our list of the factors to look out for when seeking a car accident attorney, finding the right attorney doesn’t have to be complicated.

Written by Mina Lucks, Synergy Design & Construction

As we have welcomed a new year with open arms, we are excited to unveil the interior design trends of 2024 while highlighting a style from 2023 that is here to stay. 

Keeping up with the latest trends allows you to create spaces that reflect the pulse of the present and the promise of the future.  

So what trends are “in” this year? Here is what you can expect in 2024…  

A Trend That’s Not “So Last Year”  

In 2023, Biophilic Design firmly established its presence in interior design. This transformative approach recognizes the innate human connection to nature and the impact it has on our well-being.  

This year, this trend is growing, as it continues to bring nature indoors and captivates homeowners seeking harmony between their living spaces and the natural world. 

So don’t leave Biophilic Design behind — this trend is here to stay!   

See more of this kitchen remodel here.

What 2024 Has in Store: Bold Color Palettes

Now for the new trends. 2024 is the year of bold color palettes. As designers bid farewell to spaces filled with muted tones, the resurgence of vibrant and daring color choices adds a refreshing energy into living spaces.  

This year you can expect to see wallpaper with bold patterns, statement tiles that redefine the notion of conventional, and bold hues splashed across accent pieces.

Check out this full main level remodel here.
See more of this vibrant remodel here.

Smart Storage Solutions

Although being organized never really goes out of style, this year smart storage solutions are more front and center than ever before. As homes become more compact and contemporary, the need for efficient storage has never been more crucial.  

Embracing this, designs integrate innovative storage solutions, proving that practicality can coexist with style. From hidden compartments and charging stations, to multifunctional furniture, these smart storage solutions not only declutter spaces but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of homes. 

Check out this full home remodel maximized for a grown family here.
See more of this pantry and mudroom remodel with smart storage solutions here.

 Flow and Spatial Design

A third interior design trend for 2024 that is becoming exponentially popular is flow and spatial design. A well thought out spatial arrangement allows for harmonious living combining open layouts with defined spaces. This approach contributes to a holistic living experience where every corner feels purposeful and interconnected. 

Check out this home where spaces flow seamlessly from one to the next here.

Is 2024 Your Year? 

If you have been putting off your home renovation because you don’t know where to start, or what’s considered “trendy”, now you have a glimpse into what’s hot for 2024.  

Care less about “trends” and just want a timeless, functional space? That works, too! 

Contact Synergy Design and Construction today to start the conversation on making your house your dream home!

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Revitalize your ride and wash away the winter snow, salt and grime with a Free Car Wash from Mr Wash in Tysons Corner!

The brand new Tysons Corner location at 8218 Leesburg Pike is loaded with the latest car wash equipment and technology that gives cars the best possible shine.

Mr Wash has been washing cars since 1958. Mr Wash Car Wash offers monthly plans that include Unlimited Car Washes for one low monthly price and access to all 11 Mr Wash locations in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Experience the excellence of Mr Wash for free. Claim your complimentary car wash voucher today!

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Live Fairfax: Meet Aaron Nichols!

Live Fairfax is a bi-weekly column alternating with “Exploring Fairfax” that takes a deeper look around Fairfax County. This recurring column is sponsored and written by Sharmane Medaris and Aaron Nichols of McEnearney Associates Questions? Reach Sharmane at 813-504-4479 and Aaron at 703-915-9852.

Hello Fairfax!

I’m Aaron Nichols. As a dad, a husband, a youth sports coach, and local Realtor®, I’m so excited for our journey through the communities of Fairfax County with my new video and neighborhood series!

Living and working in this vibrant community has given me a unique perspective on all the amazing places and activities it has to offer. From family-friendly outings perfect for weekends with your kids to must-see spots for when friends and family visit, there are countless hidden gems waiting to be explored in our area.

Join me monthly for “Exploring Fairfax!” Together, we’ll uncover the best of our county, from special events to fantastic dining experiences and everything in between!

Aaron Nichols | | [email protected] | @itsaaronnichols | 703-915-9852 | 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA

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Cards, comics, vintage memorabilia… and more!

As recently seen on the PBS show, If You Lived Here… Collector’s World, located in Annandale, is the largest specialty collectibles store in the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area. With more than 6,000 square feet, this retail store caters to many different types of collectors.

The owners are on a buying spree and looking to purchase your collection!

Cleaning out the attic, garage or basement? Downsizing? Preparing to move or re-model? No collection is too big or too small.

Bring your items to the pros at Collector’s World for a same day appraisal and on the spot offer. Don’t miss your chance to cash in on your treasures, clear out some space and stop overspending on that storage unit!

Appointments are filling up fast. We offer house calls for extensive collections and special circumstances.

Contact Collector’s World at 571-386-7099 or email [email protected] for more information.


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