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Package Theft Is on the Rise, Fairfax County Police Say

by RestonNow.com December 11, 2014 at 11:00 am 6 Comments

Fairfax County Police Fairfax County Police are reminding residents to watch their valuable holiday packages this month.

Police say there has already been an uptick of thefts so far this month. The agency’s online reporting system is experiencing increased reports on a wide variety of doorstep thefts. From electronics to shoes to toys and suitcases, no unattended package should be deemed “safe.”

Police suggest residents make arrangements to have packages delivered to a place where people must sign for them, such as work, a neighbor’s home or the post office if you are unable to be home.

Police are also suggesting neighbors to help watch out for each other; report any suspicious vehicles or behavior to police. More people are ordering gifts online; more packages are being delivered and the risk has risen, police said.

If your packages have been stolen, you can report the theft to police through the county’s Citizen Reporting System (CRS).

In other crime news reported by Fairfax County Police’s Reston District Station this week:

ROBBERY, 2500 block of Centreville Road in unincorporated Herndon, Dec. 2.,  3:03 a.m. A man entered a convenience store and displayed a handgun to an employee.

The suspect took cash and fled. There were no injuries. The suspect was described as black, 20s, about 6 feet tall and weighing 190 to 200 pounds.


  • 11000 block of Becontree Lake Drive, package from residence
  • 12000 block of Town Square, merchandise from business
  • 2400 block of Clover Field Circle, equipment from vehicle.
  • 11500 block of North Shore Drive, items from vehicle.
  • 13000 block of Park Crescent Circle, steering wheel from vehicle.
  • 2300 block of Rolling Fork Circle, bumper from vehicle.
  • 13000 block of Rose Petal Circle, items from vehicle.
  • 12000 block of Bowman Towne Drive, merchandise from business.
  • 12500 block of Sunrise Valley Drive, equipment from vehicle.
  • 1800 block of Wainwright Drive, equipment from vehicle.
  • 1700 block of Wainwright Drive, equipment from vehicle.
  • 11700 block of North Shore Drive, equipment from vehicle.
  • 1500 block of Farsta Court, equipment from vehicle.
  • 2400 block of Centreville Road, property from business.
  • 1500 block of Cameron Crescent Drive, property and cash from residence.
  • 1800 block of Fountain Drive, wallet from business.
  • 2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, beer from business.
  • 2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, merchandise from business.
  • 2600 block of Viking Drive, jewelry from residence.


11700 block of Decade Court, 2007 Mazda 6.

  • HmmmDC

    Where are all the comments about Reston needing it’s own Police Dept? We usually over react within 15 minutes of a crime posting

    • Dexter Scott

      An officer to sit on every doorstep and watch your packages!

      Yet another important benefit of the ResTown initiative!

      • Mike M

        I’ll watch my own “package,” thank you.

  • Doc Lakes

    We should also remember that hostile ideologues like Cass Sunstein and Louis Michael Seidman are viciously attacking our 2nd Amendment and our 1st Amendment.

  • yesIDeeClaire

    It’s also important to remember that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t trace to the Federalist Papers, but to Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights.

  • Amanda Nevada

    Only the dead have seen the end of war.


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