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‘Reston Rondo’ Sculpture Dedicated at Hyatt Park

by Karen Goff December 16, 2014 at 11:00 am 10 Comments

The bright-yellow aluminum curves have been in place in front of the Hyatt Regency Reston for about six months, however on Monday Reston Rondo was formally dedicated as a part of Reston.

Reston Rondo is the public art work by Baltimore sculptor Mary Ann Mears. Mears was chosen by the Initiative for Public Art Reston to create a sculpture that would, among other things, enhance the visibility of the park, create a sense of whimsey and surprise, and ease the transition from busy Reston Parkway to the serenity of the green space at Hyatt Park and ultimately into the Reston Town Center.

“Successful public art is the convergence of the artist, who has the ideas and a thoughtful and committed client,” Mears said at the dedication. “You also need talented and dedicated craftsman to help realize the vision, as well as public leadership.”

Mears designed the project but some of the metalwork came from Kelco Industrial Contractors of Baltimore.

“What I wanted to do was make Reston Rondo a very welcoming piece,” said Mears. “I love the way it looks in daylight and also at night. I hope it works as a welcome to Reston. … In designing the piece, I was thinking about the scale and modernity of architecture in Reston, but also the respect and love of nature.”

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins — who joined Del. Ken Plum and Virginia Sen. Janet Howell, as well as other local dignitaries at the dedication — said public art has always been a part of Reston and will continue to be.

“I am delighted that IPAR has been an example for the rest of the community,” said Hudgins. “I look forward to enjoying [the sculpture] as I sit at that traffic light [on Reston Parkway].”

Added Howell: “This is a happy day for Reston. It is a happy sculpture in a happy color. I am going to bring my grandkids here. I think kids are going to want to move in this space.”

  • Mike M

    Oh! It’s art, is it? Thanks for that.

  • Greendayer

    There must have been a very modest budget

  • Dexter Scott
  • I Have To Look At It Daily

    It’s ugly

    • Lulu

      Butt ugly.

  • RestonLyons

    My husband and I think it is awful especially being yellow. People have complained to me about it as if we had something to do with it. Another spot would be better.

    • Rich

      Another spot (i.e., the dump).

  • Gag Me

    If the “artist” ever questioned her talent level, then she was on the right track.

  • Yellow Submarine

    Egad. More metalwork that resembles everything else the artist has already done. This is the sort of public art that people get tired of very quickly. Rather than “easing the transition” to the park space ( I thought we had mature trees that did that job just fine?) it screams “Hey look, I’m yellow! Really yellow!”. Let’s all hope that we don’t have to pay anymore money for additional fake yellow Triffids anywhere else in Reston.

  • Shelly



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