Reston, VA

Macaroni Grill Reston/File photoA former employee of Romano’s Macaroni Grill has started a Go Fund Me page to aid the workers who lost their jobs last week.

The restaurant, located at 1845 Fountain Dr. for nearly 20 years, closed Dec. 18 with no notice, the employees said.

From the Go Fund Me page:

Hi my name is Sussy Brennan, a former server and hourly manager, for the Reston restaurant that was closed on Dec. 18 with no prior knowledge. Over my four years with the company the employees there became my family and now 33 hard working people, many with children and no other source of income, are now unemployed the week before Christmas.

I am asking for your help to make this incredibly trying time easier for the countless employees that devoted years to a restaurant that showed little courtesy to its devoted team members. 

Please spread the word and the cheer of the holiday season.  Any donation of any size is appreciated.

Macaroni Grill was located in The Spectrum, the strip-mall area adjacent to Reston Town Center. The Spectrum, owned by Lerner Enterprises, has been approved for a major mixed-use redevelopment.

The restaurant was acquired by Ignite Restaurant Group this year, and many branches nationwide have been closed in a cost-cutting measure.


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