JBG Seeks Rezoning to Build Metro-Adjacent Apartments

by Karen Goff December 23, 2014 at 9:30 am 13 Comments

Map of 1831 Wiehle Avenue

Developer JBG is seeking to rezone an office building at 1831 Wiehle Avenue in order to build a mixed-use development on the parcel.

The building is currently zoned Medium Intensity Industrial District, as was all space located in the area adjacent to the Dulles Toll Road until about four years ago. The Fairfax County rezoning application seeks to designate the land as Planned Residential Mixed-Use (PRM).

According to the application, the rezoning proposes 504 multi-family residential units and up to 61,000 square feet of complementary retail uses.

The space at 1831 Wiehle — bordered by Sunset Hills Road and the entrance to Reston Station Boulevard — contains a three-story, 75,000-square-foot office building. It houses Long & Foster Real Estate’s Reston office, as well as Northern Virginia Community College’s Reston Center, among others.

The mixed use development would add to the growing number of options close to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station.

Comstock is currently constructing 450 units at the BLVD apartments at Reston Station, on top of the Wiehle-Reston East Metro parking garage.

Work will begin this fall on a 421-unit residential building in the 11400 block of Sunset Hills Road, a small retail and mini-storage center currently sits. Chuck Veatch, who is developing the property along with Bozzuto Development, also had to get the parcel rezoned from Industrial to Planned Mixed Use.

Also, Comstock announced on Monday the upcoming Stock Market @ Reston Station, an 11,000-square-food food and retail space, as a new addition to Reston Station.

  • Richard

    Will these units become part of Reston Association and pay the annual assessment like the rest of us?

    • GB

      I’m sure they will

    • Karen Goff

      RA has pledged that all new construction not in the town center will be part of RA. But the process for this project is way too early for specifics.

      • Adam Petersen

        I have always been curious why Reston Town Center is exempt. Do you happen to know?

        • Mike Collins

          If a certain percentage of owners (90%, I think) in a particular subdivision agree, they can remove themselves from RA. That’s what happened in RTC and at least one other neighborhood in Reston. My understanding is that the developers of RTC wanted to be exempt from the Design Review Board and RA wouldn’t budge so the land owners exercised their rights. Bob Simon has said that is one of his major regrets.

      • Stuck in the RA

        This construction is within what used to be called the “Reston Center for Industry and Government,” which was and is NOT a part of RA. Basically it comprises the whole Dulles Corridor from Sunrise Valley to Sunset Hills.
        A decision for any residential development (apartment or condo) to join RA would be strictly voluntary. No smart developer would impose that added cost on its prospective tenants. No tenants would become part of RA if their development had a few amenities–pool, tennis court or 2–on the premises. Most have more than that. Tenants individually could easily use RA trails and other “free” facilities or buy non-RA memberships to use other facilities and participate in RA programs.
        In short, there is absolutely no incentive for any such development to become part of RA. And, as some recent RA Board initiatives have demonstrated, plenty of reasons not to join.

    • Mike Collins

      Not necessarily. The area between Sunset Hills and Sunrise Valley is not part of RA. Comstock and Veatch offered to do join as part of their rezoning applications, but they were not legally required to and they can negotiate a lower assessment for their units.

  • John Farrell

    Reston doesn’t need any more high-rise residential. The cost to constuct prices this type of housing out of the range of the vast majority of SLHS grads.

    We need more garden apartments so that our kids can live here.

    • namethesystem

      The construction cost doesn’t have to be tied to the rental cost. Rents seem to depend more heavily on square footage than on concrete vs. wood. I say stick with high rises to cut down on the stomping.

  • Cade Yaeger

    John Coleman, Weather Channel founder, has noted that the conjured narrative of man-made global-warming is one of history’s greatest scams.


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