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The Ultimate Fill This Space: The Stock Market

by Karen Goff December 23, 2014 at 3:00 pm 12 Comments

Retail space at Reston Station

Comstock announced on Monday that the 11,000-square-foot retail center at Reston Station would become The Stock Market @ Reston Station.

They envision it is as a hip, urban dining and shopping destination. A place to get a glass of wine, an excellent latte, a spot at the oyster bar or pick up a carefully curated artisan gift or gourmet treats.

That leaves a blank canvas for 10 to 25 merchants to set up shop here. Others will test the market with food trucks or pop-up stores.

Michael Holstein, the area businessman who is organizing the project, sees it as similar to D.C.’s Union Market.

For the unfamiliar, developer Edens took an old market in Northeast D.C. and opened it with the new concept for artisanal wares in 2012. It has proven to be so popular that the neighborhood around it is expanding and gentrifying.

Union Market is organized with small booths and flexible spaces. Among some of the permanent  vendors: Red Apron ButcherPeregrine Espresso,, Rappahanock Oysters Co., DC Empanadas, Salt & Sundry household gift shop and Co Co Sala.

The Stock Market will likely feature two full-service restaurants, with the rest of the vendors in smaller, booth spaces, said Holstein.

So with that in mind, what would you like to see set up shop here in Reston? The developers are listening, so speak up in the comments.

Photo: The retail center at Reston Station

  • GB

    I’m pretty sure it needs a Starbucks

    • Arlington Commuter

      Or Dunkin Donuts…

      • John Lovaas

        What a horrible name!! The Stock Market.
        And you’re surprised it’s all national corporate crap!

        • Alexis

          Rappahanock Oyster Co is a national chain? Who knew.

          • clambj

            Shhh, don’t rain on John’s agenda, and please don’t point out the obvious reasoning behind the name.

  • Mookie Taylor

    It sure would be nice to have some more locally owned places like Appalachian Spring with cool craft items. Unfortunately, it sounds like the developer is yet again looking at big national chains, according to the article yesterday. But this would be a great spot to have some unique stores rather than the same stores they have everywhere else. Same with restaurants.

    • Greg

      Agreed, but the rent will likely be too high for independents.

    • Karen Goff

      actually they are hoping for smaller, independent places. That’s why they are envisioning small booth spaces and not large, expensive square footage for tenants.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Northern Virginia Guns and Ammo.

  • Roya

    vegan market or vegan restaurant

  • CG_Pete

    Well, if the developers are listening, then I’ll throw in my two cents. A place for a nice brunch would prob do really well. Something akin to The Diner in Adams Morgan, or The Coupe on 11th. I would imagine the influx of people filling the Reston Station apts and condos will be very interested in lazy Sunday brunch, esp if there’s an outdoor seating area. Dolcezza (next door to Union Market) is another favorite. The gelato is great in the summer, and the coffee and pastries are amazing all year round. Oh, and a pierogi place. It’s tough to find good pierogis in DC.

  • Caroline3

    Isn’t all the parking at Reston Station paid parking? That would make the cost of a Starbucks coffee really monumental.


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