Closing: Unleashed by Petco at Hunters Woods

by Karen Goff January 6, 2015 at 12:00 pm 1,335 12 Comments

Unleashed at Hunters Woods

Unleashed by Petco will close its doors at Hunters Woods Village Center on Jan. 24, store management said.

The speciality pet supply store opened in late 2012 in the renovated stand-alone building that used to house Hollywood Video.

Management said the store did not perform up to the company’s expectations at the Hunters Woods location. Watch for specials and sales as Jan. 24 gets closer.

The Unleashed store has lots of nearby competition, including Weber Pet Supermarket at Fox Mill, Pet Valu at South Lakes Village Center and a large PetSmart at The Spectrum. Also, PetMAC opened earlier this month at Lake Anne Plaza.

Unleashed’s closing is one of several recent vacancies at the shopping center, which is owned by Edens. Dairy Queen and Solar Planet tanning salon at Hunters Woods closed this fall, and several other storefronts have remained vacant for more than a year.



  • Melissa Silverman

    πŸ™ this sucks! (pardon my language)

  • Nancy

    So sad πŸ™ I loved them.

  • Mike M


  • Tansy

    It’s a tough place to run a retail business due to shoplifting, but designer animal stuff wasn’t the smartest business model regardless. I’m surprised that the one at Fox Mill has lasted as long as it has. I will note that despite the bad rap Hunters Woods gets — 3 out of the 4 recent bank robberies in Reston have been north of the toll road…

  • Mookie Taylor

    I’m glad. Weber’s is locally owned. It sounds like they didn’t lose too much business to Unleashed, but any they did will hopefully go back now.

    • they suck. Have mostly their brands of organic pet food and not the top brands, limited amount of toys and accessories. What’s to like about that place?

  • Brian

    Maybe Supervisor Hudgins can now we up to the decay in this part of Reston and get us more police resources. I hate going their now as crime increases. Just not worth the risk

  • Agnes Nutter

    I loved this store and the people were unfailingly friendly. I’m going to miss it quite a bit.

  • This part of reston isnt bad.

    Brian don’t be such a turd this part of reston isnt bad.
    Nut up or shut up πŸ™‚

    • JohnGalt

      Between the homeless always in front of the grocery store, the “youths” walking around all the time and the bank robbery that took place last month – you’re right. Just a giant over reaction. The area is fine

      • novatom

        Yeah, that’s the only place that has bank robberies in Reston. I’ll admit that the people hanging out in front of Safeway are a bit sketchy at times but I’ve lived in the area (and used the walking paths almost daily) almost 12 years now and have never experienced a problem.


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