Take These Steps Instead of Making a Fitness Resolution

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This is a sponsored column by Jessica Storm, ACSM Health/Fitness Specialist and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. This week’s post is from trainer Genevieve from the Storm Fitness team.

According to research at the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution stick to it.

Seems bleak, right? I thought that. Then I pondered it. We typically pick a weakness and plan to kick that habit or lack of habit.

When I think of a New Year’s resolution, I think of advertisements for Weight Watchers and LA Fitness. The definition of a resolution is the firm decision to do something or not do something. So leave your lofty goals in 2014. It’s 2015!

I realize that this article is coming from someone who lives, eats, and breathes a healthy lifestyle. How could I possibly understand the weight roller coaster you have been on or your relationship with food? Well I can, because I have a resolution of every day until the day I die to treat my body kindly. I crave sugar, cheese, wine, and I sometimes loathe the idea of a workout.

Here are my tips to sticking to your goals in the New Year.

Get Specific: When you set loose goals like “work out more” or “eat healthy,” there is a lot of room to cheat and barely make a change in your lifestyle. I am specific with myself. I tell myself what food is off limits and my workout schedule is prescheduled down to the activity and time of day.

Start Small: You can make a small change that can catapult your motivation when you realize you are capable. For example, if your weakness is snacking,  cut out all your usual junk and replace it with fruit, veggies and hummus, etc. When you get into this healthy habit you may find yourself making smarter choices all around.

Move: Get a fitness tracker that encourages you to move. Being sedentary is exhausting. It is easier to get up off your butt when you are not on it in the first place.

Try Something New: Don’t punish yourself on a treadmill day after day. There are so many exercise styles out there. Boredom can be avoided in your workout and in your diet! Hunt for some delicious healthy recipes and try something new.

Reach Out: You are human, and it is hard to commit to a fitness program, especially if you have not had your own routine in a while. Find workout buddies or hire a trainer.

Be Realistic: It is impossible to follow a perfect diet and exercise regimen. When life happens you have to be able to fall off the wagon and hop right back on. Don’t have a handful of chips and decide to eat the whole bag. Don’t quit the gym after you get a cold. There is always tomorrow and there is always room to grow.

To read more about Trainer Genevieve visit her profile page on the Storm Fitness website. Happy New Year!

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