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Bulova: Fairfax County Will Have $100M 2016 Shortfall

by Karen Goff January 15, 2015 at 9:15 am 6 Comments

Fairfax County is facing a $100 million shortfall for Fiscal Year 2016, Supervisor Chair Sharon Bulova said in her annual “State of the County” Address.

“Our economy has been very much affected by cutbacks in government contracting,” Bulova said in the speech, released on Wednesday “Despite our efforts to stimulate business growth, our pace of revenue growth has not returned to pre-2008 levels. We continue to be challenged by cutbacks in state and federal funding.”

Bulova said that county agencies have been asked to propose cutbacks and find efficiencies to close the budget gap.

The County Executive will release the proposed budget in February. There will be many upcoming changes for public input before the Supervisors approve the budget in the spring.

Other highlights of the speech:

Transportation milestones in 2014, such as the opening of the Silver Line and adoption of the Bicycle Master Plan..

“Since opening day on July 26, the Silver Line has been off to a solid start, carrying approximately 15,000 passengers per weekday and exceeding expectations. Wiehle-Reston East is already surpassing ridership projections and is one of busiest stations in the system,” Bulova said.

Fairfax County Public Schools continue to be a top-performing system in Virginia. FCPS, with 187,000 students, is now the 10th-largest system in the country. The Board of Supervisors invested $1.9 billion to FCPS — its largest expenditure, Bulova said. Implementing full-day Mondays and the later high school start time (planned for 2015-16) were important decisions in 2014, she said.

Click the video attached to this post to see the entire 30-minute speech.

  • Dexter Scott

    “We continue to be challenged by cutbacks in state and federal funding.”

    And yet irresponsible halfwit Ken Plum keeps yammering that we need to expand Medicaid so we can get federal money. What happens when that money goes away, Ken? A whole lot of pain, that’s what. Just ask Sharon!

  • Mike M

    Allow me to translate:

    We’ve spent like maniacs, subsidizing housing, gold-plating our rescue services and schools, loading the schools with administrators, and approving development that puts us on the hook for even more spending into the future. Now we’ve created a dang mess. Other than common sense, how could we ever have predicted that the Federal gravy train would some day slow from unprecedented sustained increases in spending? We can’t pay for the things we want. So, even though your taxes are high, we are going to reach into your pocket with the armed force of law and take from you what we need to keep the game going. Bugger off now.

    Action: Vote Bulova and Hudgins out. It’s the ONLY thing they understand. Their successor will get the message too. If not, vote them out in 2 years.


      But Bulova and Hudgins just voted to give themselves a 20K raise. From 75K to 95K. Whats that, like about 27% ? I just can’t even believe they thing they should get that big of a raise.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    You know, Bulova, I’m a “Big Government” believer. But enough is enough. You’re just going to have to set priorities are reduce somewhere.

    And, if you’re lucky, there might be a spike in real estate values, so maybe you won’t have to experience quite as much pain.

  • Greg

    And the supervisors want to boost their pay (and give even more for the chair)? It’s too bad I can’t take that to my boss and boost my income. I agree with Mike M. It’s time for change. Vote the reckless spenders out.

  • Greg

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