Bob Simon Killed in NYC Was of ’60 Minutes,’ Not Reston

by Karen Goff February 12, 2015 at 12:00 pm 6 Comments

Bob Simon of CBS/Credit: CBS NewsBob Simon, sadly, is all over the news today.

He is trending on Twitter, part of many headlines and breaking news crawls on television.

That has led some Restonians to ask Reston Now whether the news is about “our” Bob Simon, the 100-year-old founder of Reston.

Bob Simon at his 100th birthday celebrationIt is not.

The Bob Simon all over the news Thursday is the longtime CBS News and 60 Minutes correspondent, who was killed in a car crash on New York City’s West Side Highway Wednesday night. The correspondent, who as held as a prisoner of war for 40 days  during the first Gulf War, was 73.

Bob Simon, the founder of Reston, is just fine. He will celebrate his 101st birthday in April.

Photos: Top: Bob Simon/Credit: CBS News. Right: Bob Simon, Reston founder/file photo

  • John Farrell


    • Karen Goff

      Seriously, I got several emails about this.

      • John Farrell

        OMG. People, it’s really important to read past the headline on the twitterfeed before broadcasting questions that suggest to the reader that the sender is moronic.

        Just a thought for the day.

        BTW, Karen, is Gernalismo Franco still dead?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Jeez, don’t you folks actually read? Of course everybody know that the deceased is Bob Simon of Sixty Minutes, not of Reston.

    BTW, which state is Sixty Minutes in?

    (Rest in peace, Mr. Simon. You were an excellent reporter and journalist. You will be missed.)

  • kcowing

    Oh c’mon – how many people are ignorant enough to confuse these two people? Besides our Simon is usually referred to as “Robert E. Simon” – at least he has been in my 25 years living here.

  • LC

    I will say my husband said to me last night “Bob Simon was killed” and I thought “the Reston guy?” and then he said the 60 minutes reporter and I knew exactly who he meant.


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