Op-Ed: Bitzer Right Pick for South Lakes District

by RestonNow.com March 30, 2015 at 3:00 pm 10 Comments

Reston AssociationThis is an Op-Ed from Carol Molesky, Reston resident and South Lakes High School Tennis and Golf Coach. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

An important Reston Association election is in its final days of voting.

The South Lakes District is the one to pay attention to. Why? Julie Bitzer is the only candidate out of the three running that can bring fresh ideas and energy to the position.

She comes without a RA history. She is personally invested in the preservation of Reston’s open space — her home borders the Reston National Golf Course.

I know firsthand Julie’s commitment to the community of Reston in its recreational and cultural offerings, to our youth and to development of new programs for our teenagers, and to Reston’s natural green space and trails. I’ve seen in action her ability to bring people together where there’s a win for all parties.

I endorse Julie Bitzer for the South Lakes District and ask that you do as well by casting your vote for her by March 30. Voting is available on RA’s website.

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  • MJay

    I prefer that RA members elect non-incumbents as new blood is absolutely needed. However, I believe Ms. Blitzer supports needlessly spending millions of our dollars on the Tetra property, and this op-ed seems to infer that she also would support spending millions more of our money to purchase the golf course property. As such, it seems like more of the same. Only in Reston am I hoping that a quorum is not reached by not voting

    • Billy Jack

      That’s so lame–

      • Mike M

        Congratulations Billy Bob! You just won the debate. (Not really.)

  • Brenda Louis

    Bitzer is nothing more than a mouth piece for the crabby group of RCA malcontents and nut jobs like Lovaas (who was also singing her praises). If RCA wants a legitimate seat at the table they should man-up and try to get elected. Muir, & Shannon they all came in over the Lake Anne land swap. I’d prefer someone who is capable of broad understanding of issues not someone who’s incapable of measuring the trade-offs of any given situation.

    I’ll take Andy Sigle any day; he has demonstrated that he will make tough decisions that are in Reston’s best interest, not just the interest of few.

    • Robert Mowbray

      Andy Sigle voted for the Lake Anne land swap but was unaware of RA policy on tree cover deapite the fact that several members of the RA Environmental Advosory Committee spoke at two public hearings on the land swap and cited the policy in their oral and written stastements. When I quesrtioned candidates about their support for the policy Ms. Bitzer quickly found the policy and responded that that she supports it. Mr. Sigle responded that he was unaware of the policy and asked me to send it to him. Since he had voted for the land swap, I assumed he should have been aware of the swap and did not respond to him. Several.days later he responded that the had found the policy and supports it. No mention of how this support was shown in his vote for the land swap.
      I am concerned that all caniddates seem to support the Tetra purchase despite the lack of transparency – a repeat of the land swap. I am also concerned about support for RA puchasing the golf course with member’s dues. I hope we can keep the open space without purchasing the golf course. This possibility should not be on the table.

      • JCSuperstar

        Robert, how would you suggest protecting tree cover when existing county approved development plans allow for — tree removal?

        • Robert Mowbray

          County plans “allowing” tree removal don’t prevent RA from following its policies. In addition the county does have a goal of increasing tree cover in the county.

          • JCSuperstar

            Robert, “policies” are one thing. But, development plans will have an effect on trees pure and simple. There isn’t anyway around it. Building footprints can be slightly adjusted, parking can be slightly adjusted. At the end of the day, development will have an impact on trees.

    • Reston Realist

      Mr. Sigle was incapable of making a decision while serving as RA’s representative on the master plan task force when he was an RA Board member. For example, the many people who attended the final task force meeting saw him run to Cate for instructions on how to vote on the plan.

      Come on!

  • Mike M

    “fresh ideas”
    “cultural offerings”
    “development of new programs for our teenagers”
    ” bring people together”


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