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Dispute Ends in Stabbing at Waterside Apartments

by Karen Goff April 8, 2015 at 9:00 am 1,545 17 Comments

Fairfax County Police Two people were hospitalized on Monday after they had an argument that ended with a stabbing on Monday, Fairfax County Police said.

Officers responded to a call for an injured person in the 12000 block of Waterside View Drive near Bennington Woods Road around 11 p.m. Monday.

Officers determined that the suspect and victim knew each other and had an argument. One individual was stabbed during the altercation, FCPD spokesman Lucy Caldwell said.

Both were transported to the hospital for treatment for their wounds, which were determined to be non-life threatening., said Caldwell.

“This does not appear to be a random incident as the two were acquainted with each other,” said Caldwell.

Charges may be pending against the subject, said Caldwell.

  • Relative

    Karen, you need to get your facts straight. I’m related to THE Victim (there was only one victim. )He was ambushed and seriously injured. Only he went to the hospital. The offender was arrested at the scene and taken to Fairfax County Jail where he remains. He was not injured in any way. And no one was stabbed. The victim was attacked with a weapon but I won’t say what it was. The victim was in the hospital for 24 hours and released. I dont know who your source was but they had no idea what they’re talking about.

    • Wendy

      This is why our society is so messed up, nobody bothers to get anything right anymore. Unbelievable how wrong every single “fact” is in the article.

      • guest

        Reporters mostly “report” what they’re told; I’m sure this came from a police report.

        • Karen Goff

          Yes. thanks. It did.

      • Karen Goff

        When reporting crime, I have to go with the official police report unless I witnessed it myself. This came from the police.

        • Wendy

          because I am a blood relative of the victim. If this came from the police report, then our society is really going downhill when the police can’t even get the facts straight. I wonder why you didn’t try to interview the victim? Or is it just easier to post BS?

          • Karen Goff

            Wendy- two things and then I really have to get working on other things today.

            1. Domestic disputes like this rarely even get published on Reston Now. The only reason I even asked police about this is two readers wanted to know why the police presence there that night. So I got some info to assure them public safety is not in danger.

            Which brings me to

            2. Police hardly ever release a crime victim’s name to protect their privacy, and I would rarely publish a crime victim’s name in order to protect their privacy. So how would I know the ID of the victim?

            So….crime stories posted here are dependent on what police tell me and have to trust their pubic info department is not giving me BS. Sometimes, of course, they are not giving us all the details and there are two (or more) sides to a story. But if it is not a matter of public safety and no one was killed, the story is somewhat of a personal matter and not that newsworthy.

            Bottom line: fight ensued, someone was hurt, police were called. Those are the basic facts.

            That said, if your relative would like to contact me and would like me to consider writing a story in which I would use his name and details — which may harm whatever case he has against the perp in court, by the way — by all means tell him to contact me at [email protected].

            You could also contact Fairfax County Police with any complaints you have about the police report.

          • Wendy

            Thank you Karen, I’m a little confused because you said it was from the police report, so I assumed you meant the official police report, not what the police “told” you. So having said that, my relatives name would be in the police report which is why I asked you why you didn’t interview him. A lot can get lost in electronic media and misunderstandings happen. I appreciate you clearing that up for me.

          • Wendy

            I just re-read our exchange….you said “When reporting crime, I have to go with the official police report” and then you said “.crime stories posted here are dependent on what police tell me and have to trust their pubic info department is not giving me BS”…so now I’m really confused. Do you get the official police report to write your articles from or are you writing based on what you are told by the police?

          • Karen Goff

            Both. It depends on the story. In this case, what police told me. But even when they publish the daily police report or a press release, I am going with what they gave me. I (and other media folks) very rarely see the actual police report. Like I said, talk to the police if you have further questions.

          • Wendy

            gotcha. thanks

    • guest

      I’m sorry your relative was injured-

    • Karen Goff

      Thank you for posting. My source was the police.


    Apartment complexes in general seem to have high crime. Let’s redevelop Waterside too. It is kind of shitty over there.

    • In Awe of Bojangler

      How do you come up with such astonishingly insightful wisdom? {head on keyboard}

  • Peter

    I was there that night, I walked out of my apartment and talked to the officers. What I read here is what the officers said. For my own safety, I’m sure they would have said if he had been “ambushed”, they would have told me as I am a residence not 2 doors down and worried for my own safety.

  • relative

    Peter, i am the victims mother. He walked into an apt and was hit in the back of the head at least 4 times with a hammer. If you got hit from behind with a hammer im pretty sure you would consider yourself ambushed. I have no idea what the cops told you but i was at the hospital with my son and he was ambushed.


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