Op-Ed: Nepal Still Needs Our Help

This is an op-ed by Reston resident Pravajan Uprety. It does not reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

I have been living in the Reston area for almost 10 years and in the Northern Virginia region for the past 17 years. I love my community and I have always enjoyed being a part of this family. There are so many tragedies here and around the world that defines our lives and so many things that we do are so unimportant, yet we rise when we have to, when we need to. We should always remember: What makes us laugh can also make us cry.

The earthquake in Nepal and surrounding region on April 25 was monstrous and claimed more than 6,000 lives, and is counting towards a mammoth total. Above all, it would be worthwhile to mention that the support from all around the world has been enormous. There are nations, organizations and individuals that are overwhelmingly helping the nation any which way possible.

‘Reston Now’ has spearheaded in bringing awareness to people in the region with better news, alerts, real-estates, community events and so on. We all understand that everybody has their own bigger fish to fry but even the smallest of help, from many and plenty can make a world of difference. “One of us equals many of us/Respect one of us/you’ll see plenty of us.”

A single dollar can buy two modest meals per day for two people. So, the asking is not much, but any help big or small will be greatest.

When the end comes, we never say that we wish we made more money; it’s all about ‘did I do something that I can think of, to make me smile before I go.’ Helping is not about getting the most out of the best, its bringing everything to their potential, even scrapping by with spare parts($). We should not remember to forget that when in need any help is a trophy for the neediest. The dire stage Nepal is in right now can use any help and assistance, wherever and however it comes from.

Ships are the safest at harbor, but that’s not what they are built for. We have so many resources that we can tap into and make things better even from a distance, so far away. From a situation like this in Nepal: Better is still distance away, yet the will to rise again is resilient. I have not been proactive in sharing and distributing images about the horrific moments, only because there are plenty out there. I am only concerned about how, I as an individual can help within my capacities. And individuals can only do so much; we cannot be everywhere and do everything. A team of nine women cannot make a baby in one month. Taking the course and following a path towards that help, is vivid.

My father always told me that having a soft heart might give you pain, but that’s a good pain. Not being emotional here and trying to knead through peoples’ sentiments to extract help, but this just is an attempt to look for a help that’s real, spontaneous and natural. I am not providing any links, organization names or anything, there are plenty out there, but just a small but important effort to use your channel to get people aware to help. Through any means, even if it is just a single dollar — anything you can that would not affect your finances will go a long way.

Misery loves company, so it would be best to get the people of this as soon as we can. Minimizing the chances of them getting into deeper consequences of the aftermath is crucial. There are many relief activities going on, but activities and achievements are two different things. Being able to achieve is very important, and we all can join hands in helping.

The trust of the people of Nepal towards their government is fading. Many times: bad politicians are elected by people who don’t vote. I am hoping situations as such will spread awareness towards electing that is ideal to lead the country; making good people helpless doesn’t make bad people harmless.

ITS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO DO GOOD THINGS. I ask each one of you have read this to take a minute of your life and think seriously if you can help and make a difference.

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