Reston Citizens Association Seeks Board Candidates

by Karen Goff May 11, 2015 at 9:30 am 15 Comments

RCA Logo Reston Citizens Association is seeking candidates to serve on its board.

There are five seats up for election to the citizens advocacy group this year: the Town Center/Lake Anne/Tall Oaks District Director and four At-Large Director positions.

To run for Town Center/Lake Anne/Tall Oaks District Director seat, you must live in Small Tax District 5, be a Reston resident, and vote in designated precincts/polling places within Reston districts: Reston I, Reston II, Reston III or Cameron Glen precinct or Forest Edge Elementary or Lake Anne Elementary schools. The elected director for this position will serve for one year.

The At-Large Director positions are open to residents of anywhere in Small Tax District 5. All of the At-Large Directors seats are three-year terms.

RCA elections will take place June 7 to 22.

The RCA application is available on the Reston Citizens Association website. The completed application must be received by RCA by May 23 by email or by mail (2033 Approach Lane, Reston, VA 20191).

  • JCSuperstar

    I am still trying to figure out what the “Reston Citizens Association” does. Do they have a staff, do they have a budget, what have they done for the Reston Association Members, where are the minutes to their meetings, I can go on. It reminds me of the old ARCH.

    • Lake Anne Zorro

      JC, your actual knowledge of the community work done by RCA surprising.
      Are you not aware of the analytical work done by the many volunteers with Reston 2020, one of RCA’s most active committees? They were the only credible community voice involved in 5 years of work by the Master Plan Task Force. Their work made a real difference. And, they have done a great deal more. Why don’t you and the others so I’ll-informed start by actually reading some of the excellent analytical work at http://www.reston2020.blogspot.com
      Are you familiar with the work of RCA’s Reston Accessibilty Committee on behalf of those with various physical handicaps in our community? The tireless RAC Chairman, Ken Fredgren, has just been recognized by Fairfax County with a very prestigious award for major accomplishments. What community service have you done lately. Your cheap sniping at those who really contribute doesn’t count.
      Have you watched any of RCA’s televised candidate forums featuring candidates for public office.
      And, they’ve done a lot more which is known to those who care.

      • JCSuperstar

        I’m sorry, I have to laugh —
        “analytical work done by the many volunteers with Reston 2020, one of RCA’s most active committees? They were the only credible community voice involved in 5 years of work by the Master Plan Task Force. Their work made a real difference”

        I assume you mean Mr. Maynard and Ms. Petrine. You really believe those two had a positive impact on the Reston Master Plan Task Force? I suggest you ask the many that also participated.

        I’m sorry, I’m still laughing.

        Sorry, had to wipe the keyboard off, spewed my drink all over it.

        OMG, I’m sorry, I’m still laughing.

        I’m sorry, let me regroup, I’ll be back in a few.


        • Reston Realist

          Please don’t bother.

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    Please poke around our website at RCAreston.org. Be sure to read the 411 info sheets.
    No budget, no fundraising (at this time – it has varied over our 48 year history) but a group of volunteers trying to make a difference. Why don’t you consider joining us?

    • JCSuperstar

      Ms. Hartke, I would join, but, I honestly believe your efforts with Rescue Reston are far more admirable. RR is having an impact, it resonates with Reston’s principles. Most importantly, it is actually doing something and having an impact with a strong grass roots following.

      Mind you, as most have gathered here, I am a bit of a pro-business, pro-developer person, so not sure I would agree on much. However, I am a big believer in “give and take.” If I were the county, a developer, even the Reston Association, I’d look to Rescue Reston as the entity to contend with — not RCA or ARCH.

      • Constance (Connie) Hartke

        I learned a lot about RCA’s history in the hours that I spent at the GMU Archives doing research for the golf course. Wish I had time to write about it – but in the short run, a volunteer organization is as effective as the volunteers it has at the time. Reston Planning & Zoning was once a committee of RCA. I was very impressed with realizing how pro-development RCA has been over the decades – it started as a buffer to the developer who was fully in control while RHOA was just beginning. There was a lot that needed to be done to create this “new town” and RCA committees made a huge impact. With the development coming in the TOD corridor (yes! dig ’em deep and build ’em high – but keep them within the corridor) RCA’s participation can once again be very helpful.

        Another key thing to note about RCA: it represents all citizens of Small Tax District 5 (see the 411 on this). So whether one is an RA member, an RTCA (Reston Town Center Association) member, or neither – RCA represents you.

        • JCSuperstar

          All admirable. But, today, to have an impact, people should work with AND WITHIN organizations that have an impact.

          Like it or not, the Reston Association is where people should throw their hats to make a difference. I will be so bold as to say, a board member at RA has much more impact than a board member at RCA.

          I would also say, a board member at RR has far more impact than a board member at RCA.

          Writing papers and reposting articles is not being proactive. That’s all I see RCA doing at this time.

          I sincerely doubt any land use attorney, or county zoning official pays any attention to RCA. Don’t take offense, they have become an albatross.

  • William Black

    Ah, RCA where all the angry bitter people go to be even more irrelevant than they already are, just look at the alumni. With the exception of Connie Hartke, who I agree with the other poster is doing a good and important work with the Rescue Reston organization and Colin Mills who was the only rational person that RCA ever had, they have always housed the screaming, negative, conspiracy believing nut jobs of Reston. The people who want nothing, to ever change.

    • JCSuperstar

      Agree 100%.

      • Mike M

        Ahem. Don’t you mean the “screaming . . . nut jobs” with whom you respectfully disagree?

        • JCSuperstar

          On this I agree — “they have always housed the screaming, negative, conspiracy believing nut jobs of Reston. The people who want nothing, to ever change.”

        • William Black

          Of course, Yes with whom I respectfully disagree.

  • Brenda Louis

    Yes– Crazy cast of characters in this group!

  • JCSuperstar

    I’ve gone to their site, and since the beginning of the year, the only action they have taken that resulted in something, is the RCA Citizen of the Year. Admirable, but.


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