Lake Anne to Get Virginia Historic Sign

by Karen Goff May 15, 2015 at 11:00 am 14 Comments

Reston Historic Sign/Credit: Reston Historic Trust

Reston is getting its own historic marker.

The Reston Historic Trust applied nearly two years ago to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for one of the road signs that mark an important site, says RHT Chair Shelley Mastran.

Finally, it’s arrived and will be installed later this month at the entry to Lake Anne Plaza, Reston’s first village center in Robert E. Simon’s “New Town.”

Lake Anne Plaza is one of 140 historic sites in Fairfax County.

Here is what the sign says:

In 1961, Robert E. Simon Jr. began developing 6,750 acres of Sunset Hills Farm as a community for all races, ages and incomes. Simon engaged the architecture firm of Whittlesey & Conklin, who designed a “New Town.” Construction of Lake Anne Village, its lake, central plaza, stores and townhouses, began in 1963. 

With innovative zoning, Reston became one of the first master-planned communities in the United States, with residential clusters, mixed-use development, landscape conservation, ample recreational space, walking and biking trails, and public art. Reston received the Certified Planners’ National Landmark Award in 2002.

  • meh

    is the Spanish version on the other side of it?

    • WhoIsJohnGalt

      En 1961 , Robert E. Simon Jr comenzó a desarrollar 6.750 hectáreas de Sunset Hills Farm como una comunidad abierta a todos.


    Highly likely to be vandalized within weeks of installation. Sad but true.

    • Vina Hutchinson

      that’s too funny, Bojangler. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this.

  • Ming the Merciless

    That image in the circle up top should show the RA throwing cash at the feet of the developers and the owners of Tetra.

    • Mike M

      Look a little closer. It’s actually a developer with a Kate Hudgins-shaped sword standing on a resident.


    I just hope they pick up the beer bottles and food wrappers from the streets for their photo opp…

  • Wings!!

    This article brings to light a very important question. We all know that Reston NEEDS a Hooters. I am confident that day will come. But, where should the Hooters be? I think Town Center by the World of Beer would be nice. North Point Village and Tall Oak’s would work well too. I could also easily see myself biking down the W&OD Trail to Plaza America to get myself a plate of wings and a tall cold Miller Lite. What are everyone’s thoughts? This isn’t just my Hooters, it’s OUR Hooters.

    • Ricky Spanish

      Since I first saw your cause Wings!!! #HootersForReston, I have been contemplating that very question. I think we would all agree we don’t want Hooters in Hunter’s Woods Plaza. I personally vote for a RTC location. Then I could stroll across Sunset Hills, cross the bridge over the W&OD trail and into RTC during lunch for a nice plate of wings, and a cold ice tea (No drinking during the work day).

      • iAgree

        RTC Hooters would be nice. The old Champs and Chili’s building would work too.

        • LakeAnne Resident

          I’m thinking the old Pharmacy at Lake Anne, but instead of Hooters maybe they could put in a Twin Peaks. I hear they really draw a great crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • Ricky Spanish

    With all due respect. Virginia is the pentacle of history for the United States of America. The country would not exist had it not been for Virginia. This country was founded on the shoulders of great men, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Peyton Randolph, George Mason, President George Washington, and President Thomas Jefferson (to name a few). Touting the greatness of a Planned Community is a slap in the face of Virginia History, nah… A slap in the face of American History.

    • LestWeForget

      . . .and let’s not forget the shoulders of all the “free” labor those “great men” were able to harness to make this country great too! Mason was second only to Washington in numbers and didn’t even free a single one upon his death.

      • Mike M

        Le, I’ll hold your purse while you go self-flegallate!


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