New in Reston: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

by Karen Goff May 18, 2015 at 9:30 am 10 Comments

Electric charging station at Whole Foods

Are you the owner of an electric car? There are a growing number of places to charge your car in Reston.

Both Reston Town Center and Plaza America recently added electric vehicle charging stations to their parking facilities.

At Reston Town Center, there are four new charging stations on the P1 level of the Promenade Garage at Explorer and Democracy Streets. The stations are on the right-hand side of  the Explorer Street entrance of the garage.

Users must have a SemaConnect account to use the stations. Visit the company’s website, www.Semacharge.com or download SemaConnect’s app to your phone to set up an account.

The first four hours of charging is free. It is then $5 an hour every hour.

The other new stations are at Whole Foods at Plaza America, where there are two charging stations in the parking lot.

There are several other charging stations around Reston. Visit Plugshare.com to see locations, cost and availability.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Very cool. I’ve had my eye on a Chevy Volt.

    • Ricky Spanish

      The Nissan Leaf is intriguing as well.

    • vdiv

      It has been an amazing car for the past three and a half years. Driving an EV in our stop and go traffic makes a big difference. Now with having more public stations around even folks that do not have a dedicated spot/charging at home can consider driving a plugin.

    • LaureenMT

      I drive the BMW i3, which has a better range. About 70 miles on one electric charge, and the gasoline Range Extender gives another 60 miles. I couldn’t be happier with it.

      • vdiv

        The Volt’s total range (38 EV + 350 gas miles) is greater than the i3 REx (72 EV + 72 gas miles) and the Leaf’s electric range is about the same as the i3’s (no REx) electric (82 miles). Of course we all want to drive electric so the i3 (REx) has double the electric range of the Volt and with charging stations appearing it is all now possible.


          No, we all don’t want to drive electric. I have a big Lexus gas guzzler and I love it. Don’t care about mileage at all.

          • vdiv

            Sure you do. Want an oil tanker or a train crashing and exploding in yer back yard? Want an oil well droning day and night? Want some fracking company poisoning your drinking water, and shaking your house? Want a pipeline with a target for terrorists painted on it? Just say so and the RA/FFX Co. will make it happen. They do have to pay for a rotten shack or a bottomless school system, you know? It’s for the children! Oh why don’t you think of the poor bastards, I mean children?

  • Wings!!

    If any units in this shopping center become available for rent, I think it would make an excellent location for a Hooters. Drive your plugin car to Hooters for some wings and a cold beer, and get a charge up.

    • vdiv

      You know, the former Vie de France location and the unit next to it across from Noodles and Co are vacant and would make for a great… Twin Peaks :p

  • LakeanneZorro

    It’s about time we got charging stations in Reston. Hope they are just the beginning!


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