South Lakes HS Expansion Includes 40,000-Square-Foot Addition

by Karen Goff June 9, 2015 at 9:30 am 11 Comments

South Lakes High SchoolThe Fairfax County School Board has filed a Planned Residential Community application for a building addition and other improvements for Reston’s South Lakes High School.

The plans will add about 40,000 more square feet to the high school, which has exceeded capacity that was added in renovations in 2006-07. The renovations were followed by a redistricting that added more than 700 students to the school, which has capacity for 2,300. FCPS predicts school enrollment will be more than 2,900 by 2017-18.

The SLHS addition, as well as previously announced improvements for Herndon High School, is part of the five-year capital improvement plan, which has $220 million in funding from approved school bonds that were approved in 2013, FCPS says.

The remainder of the funds for the CIP will comes from a school bond referendum in the fall of 2015. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors last week authorized the $310 million schools referendum, which has one more step before being added to the Nov. 3 general election ballot.

South Lakes’ addition should increase space from about 2,300 students to 2,700 students, school officials previously said.

The site plan includes adding 40,000 square feet, bringing the total space in the school building to 373,750 square feet. There are also plans for adding 120 parking spaces, bringing capacity to 750 spaces.

Approximately 74 percent or 35.89 acres of property will remain in open space, school officials said.

The plans are tentatively scheduled to have a Fairfax County Planning Commission public hearing on Oct. 15.

  • John Farrell

    A high school of 2,700 is just too big. Kids are already fairly anonymous to admin and staff at SLHS.

    Bussing 2,700 kids through the South Lakes/Soapstone intersection for a 9 am first bell should bring that intersection to level of service F.

  • Chloe Wilkerson

    If enrollment is predicted by FCPS to be more than 2900 by 2017/2018, why is the expansion going to be for a capacity of only 2700 students?

    • meh

      They are hoping for mass deportations or an outbreak of plague.

    • Ricky Spanish

      Not to worry… They can jam those 200 extra students in Trailers… I’m sorry, Learning Cottages. Expanded for 2700, Trailers for 2900…

    • Mike M

      How else do you plan a train wreck? Oh, and stay tuned for the further redistrcting which should futher boost the population of SLHS beyong 3200. It’s all part of the carefully -planned, slow motion train wreck.

    • Robin-Maria Hegendorfer

      Hi mrs. Wilkerson I would like to speak with you regarding something you said. Please direct message me via Facebook if possible. Thank you. Have a good day.

  • Guy Montag

    That’s a lot of room for gender neutral bathrooms and ESL classrooms for those that do not speak English. All at the cost of the taxpayer

  • Chuck Morningwood

    With all of that extra space, surely they’ll also have room for a Hooters.

  • Jason Rub

    Has the county (re)considered a second high school in North Reston? There were between 1600-1800 students when I went to South Lakes, and our classroom sizes were still about 30-35 kids each… and those classrooms were in trailers… that were so flimsy we got sent home for “wind” on at least 3 occasions that I can recall. With the majority of new development being in North Reston, why wasn’t a second high school proposed there before a new rec center? Not that we can’t have both… But is the county assuming the children that live in these newer and much pricier housing communities will all just go to private schools?

    • Charles P. Dorfeuille

      I think I read somewhere that something like this was in the plan

  • Alberty

    While it may be more cost effective to put additions on existing schools. The cost in terms of quality of education is high when essentially anonymous kids attend shopping mall style high schools. This is a wealthy county, it seems penny wise and point foolish to skimp on education with these massive schools.


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