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Herndon High to Students: Stop Ordering Food Delivery

by Karen Goff June 10, 2015 at 4:30 pm 2,214 15 Comments

Herndon High School/File photoAs Jeff Spicoli said to teacher Mr. Hand when his pizza was delivered in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, “What’s wrong with a little snack on our time?”

Apparently, enough to ask Herndon High School students to cut it out.

The end of the school year has seen a rise in the number of students and teachers ordering food to be delivered to the school. It is causing front-office stress to the administration, which has asked everyone to stop.

In an email to families, Herndon High administrators reminded parents that food delivery is against Fairfax County Public Schools rules — and that students could get detention.

“Food deliveries are problematic for the main office staff – regarding time and money,” the e-mail reads. “Students may not place orders for delivery during the school day. This is against FCPS School Board regulation, and the food, tips, and payments take up time of our staff. If we receive student orders, our main office staff will deny the order. If students receive orders at any door in the building, they will be assigned after school detention.”

HHS reminded teachers that they may order for themselves and other staff but have to receive the food themselves — no sending students down to the door with dollars, even for the class pizza party.

Finally, HHS says it has seen too many parents dropping off food for their kids during the school day.

“Parents, please do not bring food to your students during the school day if at all possible,” HHS administrators said. “Food often stays in the main office all day and the student doesn’t pick it up. This also becomes difficult for staff to manage and the smell in the main office is often potent. We do not have the staffing to deliver all the food to students that are coming to our office.”

  • john

    gotta think there are much bigger issues at herndon high then this.

  • Guy Montag

    This is what happens when Michelle Obama mandates what passes for food in the cafeteria.

    • Rex Cramer

      She does not care…

      • Rex Crame


  • Chuck Morningwood

    FCPS: protecting its monopoly on lunch revenue.

  • HealthyAtEverySize

    That teenager Ming didn’t have a fully developed brain because he or she was under the age of 25. That gentle giant just wanted to eat some food

  • Shagga

    I hope some one calls up Jimmie Johns and tells them the sub is for Bueller.

  • Fcps sucks

    The real reason is that the school and the cafeteria exist as two separate entities and they have a non-competition clause that makes the cafeteria the only source for kids to buy “food”. God forbid some child wants a piece of pizza that wasn’t soaked in grease for several hours under a warm lightbulb.

  • LakeNewportLady

    Calling for food delivery at school?!!? What happened to you ate in the cafeteria, packed your lunch or didn’t eat? Kids are so spoiled these days!

  • Vargas

    Us Teenagers work too hard and we stay up all night doing homework and/or studying. All of this is too much pressure for one child and the adults could care less and forget that we are just kids. A good break is the least they could do….

    • .


    • TheKingJAK

      Lol, I hope you’re kidding. Wait until the real world.


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