News Nearby: Armed Robbery in Parking Garage

by Karen Goff June 16, 2015 at 1:00 pm 6,990 13 Comments

Woodland Park CrossingA woman walking to her car at Woodland Park Crossing shopping center off of Sunrise Valley Drive told police she was held up at knifepoint Thursday afternoon.

Fairfax County Police said the woman was walking to her car in the center’s garage in the 12900 block of Highland Crossing Drive in unincorporated Herndon about 3 p.m.when she was approached by a man.

The suspect displayed a knife, demanded money and then told the victim to drive him to an ATM. The victim did not have a bank card with her. The suspect then took cash and property and fled on foot.

Police say the suspect is described as Hispanic, about 50 years of age, wavy hair, wearing a light blue shirt and light brown pants.

In other crime news reported by Fairfax County Police:

BURGLARY, 1400 block of Northgate Square, June 13. A resident reported someone entered the residence and took property.

INDECENT EXPOSURE WITH APPREHENSION/ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT, 2500 block of Fallon Drive, Oak Hill, June 6, 5:22 p.m. A woman was in her home and saw a man standing in her backyard. The suspect exposed himself to the victim then fled. Officers located the suspect and attempted to take him into custody.

During the arrest, the suspect resisted and assaulted one of the officers. An officer deployed the conducted energy weapon and the suspect was arrested after a short foot pursuit. Neither the officers nor the suspect required medical attention.

Edgar Zelaya Ayala, 19, no fixed address, was charged with assault on trespassing, masturbating in a public place, assault on law enforcement and resisting arrest.


13100 block of Parcher Avenue, beverage from business.

1500 block of Powells Tavern Place, property from school.

2700 block of West Ox Road, property from park.

Woodland Park Crossing/file photo

  • meh

    Edgar Zelaya Ayala could be a police officer from central America here to compete in the police Olympics. He was simply training for the upcoming wrist wrestling event.

  • Guy Montag

    Just another DREAMer

  • Ming the Merciless

    Vibrants acting vibrantly. More money for ESL will no doubt fix this problem.

  • Guy Montag

    Poor poor Edgar, at the age of 19 his brain hasn’t fully developed yet so he’s unaware of the consequences of his actions And like they say idle hands are the Devil’s play thing

  • Sorebonius

    Aside from assaulting law enforcement and resisting arrest, I don’t think Edgar committed any crimes. Maybe he self identifies as a homeless sexual degenerate. In his mind he was just acting normal, you can’t judge him for that.

    • liberal

      I was thinking the exact same thing. If anything, charges should be brought up on the woman that called the police.

  • Mike M

    “Conducted energy weapon?” Is that like a B-52 Earth Modulator?

    “Edgar Zelaya Ayala?” Is that leagal?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Don’t you folks see the obvious solution? If we had a Hooters, EZA wouldn’t need to trespass and then masturbate in public.

    • Max

      I want a male Hooters. Men in whitey tights are so in now!

  • Paulette Lincoln-Baker

    Another crime in broad daylight and yet–AND YET–the authorities are seriously suggesting that what Reston needs is more street lighting (that was the conclusion apparently at the meeting held two weeks ago at the Community Center.) Unbelievable.

  • Someone tell them that an underground parking garage isn’t broad daylight.

  • Misha

    Oh, but old black ladies and old hispanic ladies doing their grocery shopping are fair game for your stop and frisk solution, I bet. Ugh! The ignorance!

  • JPReturns

    Very common crime, roughly 3% of all murders in the country involve a forced ATM withdrawal. 1 in 15 such crimes ends in a murder. Lucky to be alive. http://atmsafetypin.wordpress.com


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