Reston Real Estate: Get to Know Mediterranean Villa

by Eve Thompson June 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm 25 Comments

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This is a sponsored post by Eve Thompson of Reston Real Estate.

You don’t need to move to Greece to have your own beautiful Mediterranean home. You simply need to visit Mediterranean Villa in Reston.

Developed in 1970, the Mediterranean Villa homes feature pink stucco exteriors with tiled roofs, two-car garages, and about 1,900 to 2,500 square feet of living space. It’s a small and tight-knit community of 37 homes sited on a quiet cul-de-sac.

Yes, these patio homes are nestled among oaks and pines rather than the coast, but they are as bright and airy as you will find anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean CourtMediterranean Villa is in an ideal location. Just off North Shore Drive, both Reston Town Center and Lake Anne are an easy walk. In fact, the Reston Association paths in this area are among community favorites and you are guaranteed to run into friends as you walk.

The neighborhood is also close to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro, Dulles Toll Road and Dulles International Airport.

The kids can walk to Lake Anne Elementary, which is just two blocks away. And the entire family can enjoy the Reston pools and tennis courts, also within walking distance.

Mediterranean Villa has it all.

For more real estate information, including home listings, visit Reston Real Estate.

  • shadohood

    Is the Mediterranean Villa as nice as Shadowood Condos? Still waiting on that write up.

    • Eve Thompson

      Clearly there is a group of you waiting to tear up the Shadowood community with is really hard for me to understand.

      Have you ever considered that if you stop feeding that lesser, more base element of yourself it might begin to diminish? Try a little daylight and you might even begin to shift towards being human, maybe you’ll begin to creep towards compassion, the possibilities are endless.

      • salooski

        In order to see a little daylight, they would have to actually leave their mom’s basement

        • troll4lulz

          yes we spent many hours in our moms basement using our computers, if only those skills translated to a lucrative career. oh wait, it did!

          • JCSuperstar

            Uh. We didn’t have a basement.


        Wow. As a local Realtor & RA Director, why would you refer to citizens concerned about crime in Reston as inhuman & lacking compassion? There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Section 8 housing has ruined Shadowood. You said you would profile the community in one of your “sponsored” columns. Yet now, when pressed, you lash out at those wanting your input.

        • Eve Thompson

          Laura- I’m not lashing out I’m shaking my head in disbelief at a group of people so hunger to “troll” on a neighborhood. I’m working on the Shadowood Condo piece it will probably be ready in a few weeks. Laura as an agent yourself, you know a landlord doesn’t have to accept Section 8 housing vouchers.

          • meh

            That they “don’t have to” — irrelevant.

            That they do, and that the consequences are predictably negative — relevant.


            Yes, I am aware that a landlord doesn’t have to accept Sec 8 vouchers. But, if financing is hard to obtain due to high number of investors, and no one who can pay market rent applies to rent in the community, what choice to the owners really have? They can’t sell them or rent them, unless they take Sec 8 renters. Its a huge problem. The owners & occupants need solutions that will improve the community. So instead of referring to us as trolls, how about offering up some constructive solutions?

          • You’re kidding Right?

            Clearly Ms. Thompson knows who you “really” are, but I would guess that the Troll label is generally being applied to those who are snarky as all get out posting behind cute handle names.

          • Rex Cramer

            ie… cute handle name like “You’re kidding Right?”

          • shadohood

            Eve Thompson FULL TIME BOJANGLER • a month ago

            “Actually I’ll be writing about Shadowood in the next week or two- so you’ll have to wait for that article to hear about the history of that condo.”

        • JCSuperstar

          Affordable and workforce housing does work. Many developers are still including it in some of their finest stock.

          7 Signature DC Affordable Housing Projects:




            It’s not working in Shadowood, nor in other areas of Reston, or the rest of the nation. And since Eve’s article is really about Mediterranean Villas, I will add that this neighborhood is NOT AT ALL like a true Mediterranean villa. Ms. Thompson is “puffing”.

          • JCSuperstar

            I’m not here to defend anyone. I am here to say when properly developed, affordable/workforce housing is working.

            The vast majority of people making less than 60 percent of AMI (and even a significant portion of those much poorer) are working, and they are working at essential jobs that make our economies function, from home health aide, to school bus driver, to day care worker, to farmworker to cashier.

            Not only are these frequently not living wage jobs, they are often jobs with less opportunity for advancement to living wages (and thus those who have them are likely to need housing assistance for longer than people who are likely to get raises and promotions in a few years). These jobs also tend to have inconsistent hours, crappy benefits, and poor working conditions.

            But they are unmistakably and unarguably work. Not wanting to accord those jobs dignity and respect as a society is part of what allows them to continue to offer such horrible conditions.

            To imply that somehow anyone who is low income is not in the workforce is horribly insulting–and insulting to the very population that has always been community development’s core constituency.


            I’d like to live in Great Falls. But I can’t afford it. Instead of sticking my hand out for a government subsidy, I live within my means. Why are there generations of people who never get out of subsidized housing? Why is there more crime in neighborhoods with low income housing? How about these people improve themselves and get better jobs? Minimum wage jobs were not meant to be jobs that support entire families They are meant for kids just entering the workforce so that they can learn. Show up on time, work hard and learn, and they will get raises. And I don’t mean by raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. I mean by taking personal responsibility for your own life and your own expenses without relying on the government. Anything worth having is worth working for. Democrat entitlement policies are holding these people down.

          • yup

            Amen Brother! Exactly right!

          • JCSuperstar

            Be careful Laura… There is a huge majority of people earning at or below the poverty level. These are hard working people. And note: Food stamp redemption at military grocers has been rising steadily since the beginning of the recession in 2008. Nearly $104 million worth of food stamps was redeemed at military commissaries in the federal fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2014.



            I will not be careful. You should know that by now JC. There are also a lot of us who work hard, save, & sacrifice, so that we may live in safe communities with good schools. I don’t know what to tell you about food stamps at commissaries. I will tell you this. When I see people buying Cheetos & other junk food with food stamps, and then using their cash for beer/wine/cigarettes, I just go nuts. There was a widely circulated picture of a small boy in the housing projects of New Orleans sitting on the porch with an I-Pad. If his parents could get him an I-PAD at 5 yrs old, they should be paying their own way in the world. And closer to home, when the low income element comes in and participates in all these crimes, WE all are damaged. Again, I am sick of the successful people in this nation being villianized by the left.

          • JCSuperstar

            I’m not villainizing successful people, and I’m definitely not left of center.

          • Cluster Tycoon

            If the result of “show up on time” “work hard and learn” is a bitter person like FTB I would propose we not try so hard and instead “take care and take care of each other”. The last quote is how Jerry Springer closes his show.


            It’s amazing that my message advising people to work hard and strive to improve their lot in life instead of sticking your hand out for government cheese is spinned by Cluster Tycoon as me being bitter. But then again , quoting Jerry Springer kinda says it all.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Everything you need to know, right here, from the people who notice the plainly evident horrors of Section 8 ignoble, uncompassionate, sub-humans at Fairfax Underground:


      • You are a DB

        Not sure that fairfaxunderground is a reliable resource, just more trolls doing what trolls do. Agree that the percentage of investor ownership is very bad for that or any community but I think a few actual facts might be useful. Not so much fun for a troll but…

        • Ming the Merciless

          Yawn. Try harder.


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