One Suspect Caught, One on the Run in Two Reston Burglaries

by Karen Goff June 23, 2015 at 4:30 pm 3,300 11 Comments

police line1A Reston woman surprised a burglar in her home Friday night, Fairfax County Police said.

The woman said she was at her home in the 1500 block of Inlet Court, about 10 p.m. when she discovered a man in the basement. The then suspect fled, police said.

The suspect was described as black, about 6 feet tall, thin build, wearing a white short-sleeve T-shirt and dark-colored pants.

The woman was unharmed. Police did not say whether any items were stolen from the home.

On June 17, police caught a man suspected of breaking into an apartment in the 11600 block of Stoneview Square.

A resident called police about 11 p.m. after an unknown man walked into her home through an unlocked door, police said.

Officers then located the man and arrested him. Philip A. Anderson, 30, of Reston, was charged with trespassing and entering property to damage.

In other crime news from the Reston District Station:


9900 block of Deerfield Pond, property from residence.

2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, phone from business.

11100 block of South Lakes Drive, merchandise from business.

12100 block of Stirrup Road, bicycle from residence.

2200 block of Springwood Drive, property from business.

 13100 block of Parcher Avenue, merchandise from business.

  • Guy Montag

    That poor man was probably under 25 and his frontal cortex hadn’t fully developed. Either that or this woman had a confederate flag in her home and was just looking for trouble

    • Cluster Tycoon

      Thanks for sharing this important information. According to the article, and I assume you have read it, it states “Philip A. Anderson, 30, of Reston, was charged with trespassing and entering property to damage.”

      So clearly the suspect is not under 25 and with this finding, we may assume that frontal cortex was fully developed.

      In which case we must rest our case and assume that confederate flagging was the root cause of this unauthorized entry?

      Or perhaps you are under 25? Please put one finger behind your ear to confirm moisture. Its most common to find moisture behind the ear in younger, undeveloped frontal cortexes as they tend to be leaky.

      Thanks, Cluster

      • Ming the Merciless

        He is 30 but identifies as 25.

        He is 25, with 5 years experience.

        • Guy Montag

          Ming, how compassionate of you to allow this youth to identify as a 25 year old.

      • Tom

        Thanks for that pithy reponse, Cluster. These trolls who make snarky “excuses” and think they’re being so cute are getting really annoying and sooo predictable.

        • Ming the Merciless

          CT is all pouty because his “undeveloped frontal lobes” idea continues to receive the scorn and mockery it deserves. Thus his ponderous, pedantic, and prolix response.


            He quotes Jerry Springer. HAHAHA.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    I’m betting that he’s not really Black. I would wager that he is actually Orange. In fact, I’m almost certain of it. Why? Because Netflix told me that Orange is the New Black.

    • Guy Montag

      It all depends on what he/she identifies as.

  • Zartan

    he needed stuff to pawn so he could buy provide for his hungry children, crystal, hayron, and mary jane. DO NOT JUDGE!

  • Edward Smith

    If Obama had a son who do you think he would look like?


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