Wednesday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff June 24, 2015 at 8:00 am 4 Comments

Lake Audubon after storm/Credit: Joy Every

Bus changes — Some of Reston’s Fairfax Connector routes (RIBS 1 and RIBS 3) will be affected by the 2015 World Police and Fire Games beginning Wednesday. Buses will bypass Cameron Glen Drive stops near the Fairfax County Human Services Center with alternate daily service available at stops along Town Center Parkway (Route 950) or Bowman Towne Drive.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star to Emcee Games — Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso will be the emcee at the World Police & Fire Opening Ceremonies Friday at RFK Stadium in DC. Tickets are free. [NBC4]

No More Confederate Flag on VA Plates? — In the wake of the mass shooting in Charleston, SC, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants the confederate flag removed from state license plates. [USA9]

Photo: Lake Audubon after Tuesday storm/Credit: Joy Every

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Look, I’m no big fan of the Confederate flag, but I can understand why some people would identify and even be proud of their Confederate heritage, especially since Richmond, Va was the capitol of the Confederate States of America. I’m not saying that we should fly the flag from the top of the state house, but I don’t think we should go expunge all references to our unseemly past just because some lout went out and commited an atrocity while sporting the symbol in question.

    If that’s the case, we should be petitioning all video streaming services to remove all Jodie Foster films simply because John Hinckley really wanted to get her attention when he took a swipe at Ronald Reagan.

    • Sue L

      It’s not the flag of the Confederate States of America that’s in question here, it’s the Confederate Battle Flag symbol that’s being removed from the plates. During an interview today with Andrea Mitchell, the governor said that the sponsors of the plate, Sons of Confederate Veterans, have already been asked to come up with a new design and that those who have the plates already (around 2000) will have the choice of having their current plates replaced with the new design, or choose a different design, at no additional charge,
      To Zandar, he also said that there’s no intent to “tear down” or remove and monuments.

  • Zandar

    Some people complain about radicals destroying historical ancient sites the middle east and then try to tear down ones in our own country (stars & bars, confederate monuments, etc). Such hypocrites!
    Getting rid of the flag is an empty gesture, meant to appease a voter base by giving them nothing. If politicians wanted to heal & protect the nation they would properly treat the mentally ill and drug addicts so they wouldn’t shoot up churches, movie theaters or schools.

  • boater

    Anybody have an insight as to why the channel of Lake Anne by the pool is being dredged? Their is a boom laying underneath the Van Gogh Bridge, which is making it impossible for residents with boats moored on the other side to use the lake.


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