Friday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff June 26, 2015 at 8:00 am 7 Comments

Brazilian officers ready for World Police & Fire Games/Credit: Reston Association

Grant Hill, NBA Team Owner — Reston native and former NBA star Grant Hill now owns part of the Atlanta Hawks. [Washington Post]

FCPS Amends Family Life Education — The Fairfax County School Board voted Thursday to keep most of the Family Life Education lessons in their own curriculum rather than as part of health class, enabling families to easier opt out. The Board also adopted changes to the Family Life Education lessons. [FCPS]

Gotta Dance (And Sing and Play) — Metro is holding auditions next week for MetroPerforms! series in August. Musicians, dancers, singer and other artists could get a chance to perform for a limited time at Metro Stations throughout DC. [Metro]

Offering Help — Here’s a look at the 4,000 volunteers for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games, which begin Friday. [Fairfax Times]

Virginia’s Business Ranking — Virginia falls in the annual CNBC “Best States for Business” rankings. [Washington Business Journal]

Brazilian athletes ready for World Police & Fire Games/Credit: Reston Association

  • David Katzenbogen

    “Virginia’s fourth consecutive drop in the CNBC Top States for Business rankings reflects a troubling pattern for the economic climate in the Commonwealth,” said Virginia Chamber of Commerce president Barry Du Val. “We must improve our economic climate by diversifying and growing the Virginia economy.”
    It appears our elected officials at the local level are failing the state. I think Ken Plum should write an article each week describing which new business he has personally convinced to move into his district. If he isn’t part of the solution, he is part of the problem.

    • Scott H

      -Virginia continually falls in the rankings as it turns from Red to Purple. Coincidence?
      -Every bankrupt, declining city has essentially been under one-party rule for 50 years. Coincidence?
      -NYC was a toxic, cesspool of crime after electing just one Republican from 1904-1993. Rudy Giulini turned it into “America’s Safest Big City” and it remained so for 20 years under him and political transpartier Bloomberg. In just 17mos, Democrat/Socialist Bill DeBlasio has reversed the measures credited with cleaning up the city – crime and murder are up 20% – Coincidence?

      • Ming the Merciless

        Think about it every time you see one of those @!*&$^#(*[email protected] New York license plates.


        My comments are being censored again. All crime, including murder, is up in NYC, but at least styrofoam can no longer be used. Libs are stupid.

  • Troll Troller

    How did I know the trolls would be here gnawing on their own bones of discontent?

  • Adrian Havill

    Fun fact: Grant Hill’s mom roomed with Hillary Clinton at Wellesley College.

  • Anner

    So, seriously, whats up with the dredging at Lake Anne?


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