Faulty Lights Impacting Traffic Near Wiehle-Reston East

by Karen Goff July 16, 2015 at 8:30 am 5 Comments

Traffic LightBeware of backups on Wiehle Avenue near the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station through Friday.

Fairfax County officials are reporting a short cycle for the traffic lights at Wiehle and Reston Station Boulevard.

That is affected traffic both trying to leave the station area and access it Thursday morning.

Officials said repairs to the lights are expected on Friday.

  • E Pluribus

    The kiss & ride is ALWAYS horrible to get in/out of. Why put the kiss & ride in the furthest part of the station is beyond me, but they finally had someone directing traffic there this morning. They need to have someone there in the afternoons as well. The kiss & ride and parking lot emptying in the afternoon is a mess with the timing of the lights. The parking lot gets out and blocks the lanes so that the kiss and riders can’t leave on a daily basis.

    • cRAzy

      Re K&R: You expected something else from Comstock, the County, and Metro???

  • Holly Koppel

    How would anyone notice the light is short cycling? Honestly the lights at the station & Wiehle are so badly timed, I’m surprised anyone noticed.

  • HP

    That area is a cluster eff. Horrible planning.

  • Greg

    The lights are not faulty; they do as directed and programmed. It’s incompetence at VDOT (which runs the lights) and $100 million in underfunding by Comrades Ken and Cathy to fix the roads that Metro overtaxed. And, an at least 30-year history of VDOT’s FUBAR NoVa computerized traffic light control system that has a poor track record needing constant updates and reprogramming. In fact, there was a many-million-dollar pork-barrel effort to boost the system by installing cameras at Leesburg Pike’s intersections. That system never worked and, of course, traffic along Leesburg Pike is often a nightmare. Brilliant indeed to widen the pike in Loudoun County (named Harry Byrd Highway there) and add divided interchanges, but keep it to two narrow lanes in Fairfax County. Oh, and that “megachurch” in Vienna at the former home of the NWF? Try getting past it on any Sunday. The traffic lights are so poorly managed and operated at that intersection that they have to be manually operated by cops with assistants to direct traffic at the other end the parking lots where no traffic light is installed. That screws everything up along the remainder of Leesburg Pike for the entire day.


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