Purse Taken in Home Burglary Leads to FCPD Chopper Search

by Karen Goff July 29, 2015 at 1:00 pm 1,463 15 Comments

police line1Fairfax County Police are investigating a home burglary that took place in the 1500 block of Chatham Colony Court in Reston on Monday.

Residents of the home called police about 9:30 p.m. Monday and told them they were on the porch of their home when a suspect or suspects entered through an unlocked door, grabbed a purse, then fled on foot, police spokesman Lucy Caldwell said.

The police helicopter responded to the scene and found possible suspects in Lake Anne Park, said Caldwell.

Other FCPD resources also responded, including officers and K-9 units. Police briefly blocked streets in the area to try and isolate the suspect, who was not located.

No arrests were made but the investigation is continuing, said Caldwell.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Can we get a description of the suspects so I can be on the lookout?

    • I_Know

      I’m betting it was two white guys – about 23-25 years of age, wearing brown flip flops and cargo shorts.

      • Cluster Tycoon

        That’s exactly what I overheard them talking at the coffee shop and apparently, from my sources, one of them – the bigger fellow – was wearing a t shirt that read RAINBOW RISING and the smaller, more feminine kid looked like Ian Gillan. He took the purse, just so you know. Where do I claim my award?

  • 6monthsinReston

    How about, people lock their doors for a change! Reston wake up and smell the coffee

    • Emmanuel Goldstein

      That would be taking personal responsibility, and that’s unheard of today. I for one double lock my doors as soon as I’m home.

    • taffytoo

      i’ve stated this many many times…I don’t care how safe you may feel,the great neighborhood you live in,these things happen..In this day more than ever before you have to take responsibility for your safety and that of your family..Cars ,garages,windows …close and lock…I sound Paranoid ..possibly ..however it is what it is…..

  • qwerty

    No offense to the victims, but a chopper search for a purse snatching seems kind of over the top.

    • .


  • Sonya

    Your headline is poorly written to make the FCPD look as if they overreacted. This was a HOME INVASION during which a purse was stolen.

    • Karen Goff

      A home invasion usually implies forced entry. This was through an unlocked door. So, not really a home invasion.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Opening an unlocked door or window counts as “breaking” for the purpose of “breaking and entering”.

        Anyone who enters your house uninvited when you are there is a home invader in my book, if not by the legal definition. Even if they “only” intended to steal your stuff, this can instantly change into something more vicious.

        • reston crime watch

          what would bojanglr say

      • Sonya

        It was still an unlawful entry and burglary. A person’s private residence was violated. Whatever property was stolen is irrelevant. To headline that the purse taken was what led to the chopper search makes FCPD look ridiculous. They take unlawful entry seriously for good reason as those crimes can quickly turn violent or even deadly.

        • Greg

          If that’s the case, let’s hear from the FCPD. Just yesterday they posted a boasting update about how much more communicating they are doing.

  • Greg

    As Comrade Cathy would say, “It’s not enough.” The police need MORE of our money. #smfh.


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