Reston Summer Bucket List: Stick House, Splash Fountain

by Karen Goff August 4, 2015 at 1:20 pm 4 Comments

Fountain at Town Square Park, Reston Town CenterEvery weekday in August, Reston Now will be offering suggestions for a Summer Bucket List — things to do, places to check out and activities to try n and around Reston before summer’s end.

Obviously, different ideas will appeal to different residents in different age groups. But we are open for ideas. If you have any “must-dos” of summer (even better: with a photo of you/your family participating in said event), email us at [email protected] and we will consider it.

Bucket List Item No. 3: Play in a stick house, splash in a fountain 

Head on over to Town Square Park for an hour or two. The park is located at the far end of Reston Town Center, at the intersection of Explorer and Market Streets.

There, you will find public art disguised as a playground.

Artist Patrick Dougherty’s A Bird in the Hand house made of sticks was installed in April. The sculpture, built of local saplings, evokes an abode where Hansel and Gretel would have lived or maybe where Shrek would hang out.Public Art at Town Square Park

In any case, youngsters are encouraged to run through it, play hide and seek and use their imagination.

After that, head to the other end of the block-long park, and cool off. The splash fountains are finally up and running after being closed last summer for repair.

Cap it all off with a frozen treat from Iceberry on Market Street across from the park, and then cross another trip off your summer bucket list.

Photos: Top – Splash fountain; Bottom – public art stick house

  • Ming the Merciless

    Make sure little Thaddeus and Mildred bring their favorite “stick and hoop” or “cup and ball” toys to the totally fun “public art playground”…

    Pay no attention to the other kids who are whining, “does this lame playground even have wifi?”

  • Bic with a very large

    Artist Patrick Dougherty’s A Bird in the Hand house made of sticks was installed in April.
    So they installed a flammable death trap for kids to play on, brilliant.

  • vdiv

    The “Bird in the Hand” house is really, really cool and fun. Finally, an art piece as unique, creative, exciting, and inspiring as this that gives Reston a real personality. The concrete jungle, old and new, and the uptight and intolerant people living in it, not so much.

  • LakeNewportLady

    My kids love playing in what we call the birds nest. No idea why it is so appealing but I’m not gonna complain.


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