‘We Make Reston’ Taking to Reston Station This Week

by Karen Goff August 4, 2015 at 1:00 pm 12 Comments

INSIDE OUT Toronto project/Credit: INSIDE OUTComstock Partners has teamed with the Initiative for Public Art Reston (IPAR) and Reston Community Center for the upcoming We Make Reston public art project.

The project will feature portraits of Restonians in order to reflect Reston’s diversity. Originally slated for display at Lake Anne Plaza in September, Comstock will also participate by providing a second location for the exhibit.

We Make Reston will now also be featured on Comstock’s 140-foot fencing wall at the Wiehle-Reston Metro Station and on a seven-story banner visible from the Dulles Toll Road, Comstock says.

All displays will open Sept. 26, in conjunction with the Reston Multicultural Festival.

Comstock will have a “street team” of photographers on the Reston Station plaza near the north entrance to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station Tuesday from 4 to 7 p.m. and Wednesday from noon to 7 p.m.

On Tuesday, photographers will provide more info to Reston commuters and residents and invite them to add the photos to the project, says Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker.

On Wednesday, interested participants can return with their signed release and be photographed, said Parker.

We Make Reston is part of the INSIDE OUT project – a global initiative with 200,000 participants from more than 112 countries.

Residents are still encouraged to submit their own portraits for the project. The deadline for submission in Aug. 9. Photos must be black and white and vertical in orientation. For more submission details visit RCC’s website.

  • Mike M

    Last time I checked, there were still some white people in Reston.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    I’ll assume they want to take photos when contributors to society are actually at work

    • OkayyyyyyyyThen

      Comments like this baffle and depress me. Does “contributors to society” exclude nurses, restaurant servers, sanitation and rescue workers, and stay-at-home caregivers of dependents? What about the people who stock your grocery shelves and sort your mail overnight? Do you really believe that only people who work during daylight hours contribute, or are these “others” just invisible to you? Such unnecessary and illogical snobbishness.

  • MJay

    The PR for this project appears to be very poor. Are they essentially saying, “no, really, we do indeed have minorites in Reston.” Or are they saying “we make Reston” only applies to minorites and that white people need not participate. Or are they subconsciously segregating minorites into their own art project? I’m sure their hearts are in the right place, but I am really confused by the lack of, well, diversity (or integration?)

    • Barbara Goddard

      Yes the last time i checked there are many of us.

  • cRAzy

    maybe also a few people older than 30. You know that Reston thing: All ages and incomes, blah, blah, blah….

    • Mike M

      It’s almost like older white folk just aren’t cool anymore. 😉

  • Mike M

    Actually, you are wrong. Look at most Corporate sites now. The firms they hire rarely put a middle-aged white male in the picture.

    • pleasebekidding

      Just because you say so doesn’t make it true. Even TV shows are majority white. I don’t know what you’re fussing over.

      • Mike M

        I think I was pretty clear. You got it. Others got it.

  • Leila Gordon

    ALL are welcome and encouraged to participate; the only “requirements” are that participants must either live or work in Reston. Please visit the INSIDE OUT website to learn more about the types of projects, themes, and issues this group has encouraged. Their goals are focused on finding the commonalities among people and to celebrate the inherent humanity we share. Our goal is to use the art project to reflect Reston – and in particular – its people.

  • pleasebekidding

    It doesn’t. I was making a sarcastic retort to your nonsense comment that somehow white are being purposely looked over.


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