Dogwood Principal Brings Books to the Students

by Karen Goff August 7, 2015 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

Dogwood students and their books/Credit: FCPSIt’s called “the summer slide,” and one Reston elementary school has found a new way to try and prevent it.

According to nonprofit Reading is Fundamental, some children can lose as much as three months of reading achievement over the summer.

RIF adds that that loss is cumulative and by fifth grade some at-risk students will be several grade levels behind.

The solution: Keep reading, of course.

Dogwood Elementary School principal Mie Devers recently loaded up the trunk of her Prius and went from neighborhood to neighborhood to pass out books to Dogwood students. Several teachers joined her as they passed out more than 50 books to students at apartment complexes and Southgate Community Center in weekly trips in July.

Books were donated by the school’s partner organizations, said Devers.

Dogwood is a Title I school, which means it has a high number of low-income and English as a Second Language students who are most at risk of falling behind.

“I feel this is a really important thing,” Devers told Reston Now. “Yes, it has to do with academics — we want the kids to come back to us in the fall where they were before. But I also want them to enjoy reading.”

Dogwood is also opening its library on Wednesday afternoons (1:30 to 5:30 p.m.) so students can check out books and enjoy read-aloud time with the school librarian, along with a craft project, said Devers.

Photo: Dogwood students and some of their new books/Credit: FCPS

  • Alas

    Too bad those kids aren’t going to read them. Just look at their expressions – what’s Spanish for “A book? This sucks!”

    Also too bad their parents would never buy them books or take them to the library.

    But oh well, she has to try.

  • John Higgins

    Too bad you didn’t spell your posting name with an “n” instead of an “l”. I would bet, and give odds, that with few exceptions those books will get read. For many, it will be an incentive to seek out additional reading. Interestingly, the very kids being disparaged have a leg up on their more affluent classmates: many of them will enter the workforce fully bilingual. Kudos to Ms. Devers and staff.

    • susie

      It’s their criminal parents that are the problem.

    • Bah

      Ever heard the term “smart fraction”? Google it if you haven’t. These kids aren’t in it. Therefore you are wrong from end to end. Those books will not get read, nor will it inspire additional reading. Nor will their “bilingualism” confer any advantage except insofar as it makes them slightly better able to understand the instructions given by the foreman at the construction site.

      When all is taken with all, they represent a net negative for the American economy and society; they are today, and they will remain so for their entire lives.

  • LiliKang

    Thank you for posting something positive about Dogwood! Ms. Devers chose this school and is committed to its students. The staff at Dogwood are great and I like the family atmosphere they promote. I agree with you fully Mr. Higgins and I hope this principal stays to make it just as good as Ms. Cochran left it!

  • susie

    Yep – take a look. That is why FCPS is drowning in financial woes

    • Jonnie Chutzpah

      She is a hero. But because of people like you she probably needs her own security detail 24×7, if your world view becomes reality. The chosen peoples always say NEVER AGAIN but I am not so sure these days.

      • susie

        Truth hurts, doesn’t it Jonnie?

      • Mike M

        Chosen? Do explain.

    • Karen Goff

      This was done with her own time and money and with donated books.

      • susie

        I think you missed my point – by a mile.

  • susie

    Just checked Dogwood elementary school’s profile page. 78% of the students are on free and reduced meals. 78% !!!

    • Mike M

      Dios mio!

  • Karen Goff

    Deleting lots of comments and hutting these comments down because saying cruel things about children is not cool.

  • Karen Goff

    Deleting lots of comments and shutting down this thread because saying cruel things about children is NOT cool.


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