FCPD: Armed Robbery at Reston Bank

by Karen Goff August 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm 2,957 15 Comments

BB&T Bank on Fox Mill Road

(Updated 1:15 p.m. Thursday to correct date and add details)

Fairfax County Police are looking for a suspect in an armed bank robbery that occurred Wednesday afternoon at the BB&T Bank at 2513 Fox Mill Rd.

Police responded to the bank about 4:33 p.m.

Witnesses said a man walked into bank, said it was a robbery, displayed a handgun and demanded money. The suspect fled on foot with cash, police said.

There were no injuries.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a light-skinned black or Hispanic man, about 5-foot-5 inches tall and 185 lbs. He was wearing a dark-colored jumpsuit and black bandanna on his head, witnesses told police.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Another one? Don’t they have cameras?

  • ducatination

    5’5″ and 185 lbs is not a thin build

    • Rush Limbaugh

      By American standards tiny.

  • JPM

    Hate to nit pick, but that’s an Oakton address. With many people eager to paint Reston as a cesspool of crime, let’s not hand them material when we don’t need to.

    • Karen Goff

      No. It’s 100 percent a Reston address. BB&T – Fox Mill Branch
      2513 Fox Mill Rd

      • JPM

        Yeah – was about to correct that, as I looked at the cross streets on the map app that I plugged the address into, and I am well aware there is no bank there. Not sure what the deal is there. Too bad it’s not on the other side of Fox Mill, then it would be Herndon. 😉 Carry on.

        • Karen Goff

          No worries 🙂

  • wow

    My jaw dropped when I read the description of the suspect. A Hispanic man?! I would have never thought.

    • Greg

      Just wait until all the druggies are let out of jail.

    • pleasebekidding

      Right, I forgot that whites never commit crimes…

  • vdiv

    “Willie Sutton, and why do you rob banks?”
    “That’s where the money is.”

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Was he wearing a “pink striped collared shirt”?

  • Mike M

    Otra vez?!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    That won’t be a problem for very long. The Donald promises to deport them all if he’s elected President.

  • susie

    In denial much?


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