Dogwood Pool Closed for Water Quality Issue

by Karen Goff August 24, 2015 at 4:30 pm 12 Comments

Dogwood Pool closed

Dogwood Pool has been closed for nearly a week as Reston Association officials try and figure out the cause — and the solution — to a water quality issue.

RA spokesman Mike Leone said the association still is not sure what caused the issue. RA has tried several things, including draining some of the water out of the pool, to try and fix the problem.

“At the present time we anticipate the pool opening sometime this week,” Leone said. “Our staff continues to monitor water clarity on a daily basis. It must meet Fairfax County Health Department requirements before we’re able to reopen the Dogwood pool.”

Dogwood is supposed to be one of the RA pools that would remain open until Labor Day. Looking to go for a swim? Try Glade, Lake Audubon (weekends only), Lake Thoreau, Lake Newport, North Hills, North Shore or Ridge Heights.

  • CE

    I’ve been there a few times this year with kids and the water smells like rotten eggs. It could be all the kids that swim in the water with street clothes on. On one occasion there were more kids swimming in street clothes than in swimming suits. They could probably make a policy to stop this but it would might be calls racist buy a few of the loudest. So close the pool.

  • Henry Rearden

    This is what happens when anchor-babies use the pool as a bathtub. Oh well, better to be tolerant than fix the problem. ¿cómo se dice ducha?

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    We are just insensitive to their culture of wearing jeans as bathing suites. If they wore jeans and didn’t drown in a lake or river, they should be just fine for a community pool. We need to lean forward and embrace the progress.

  • Henry Rearden

    This is what happens when anchor-babies need a shower. Just hop in the public pool and hope for the best.

    ¿cómo se dice ducha?

    • guest

      For last 6 mos there have been a disturbing number of disgraceful, mean comments on Reston Now.

      Seriously, how do you racist, narrow minded people look at yourselves in the mirror after making such hateful comments? Discussing community issues is fine but disparging persons in almost every article is not acceptable. This negative hyperbole is giving Reston a terrible blackeye. Karen, Is there any way you can stop this destructive new parlor game? Reston Now readers, please weigh in.

      • Henry Rearden

        The only blackeye comes from the crime reports in South Reston

      • LiliKang

        I have made the same comment to Karen before. And it isn’t getting any better. I know blog comment sections can be cesspools but consistent moderation with a clear “Rules for Comments” could go a long way. So many times I leave this site out of disgust at the comments. And I don’t like doing that because I do like the content but the comments are just such a turn off.

        • Karen Goff

          I am trying. We do have clear rules for comments and I delete many, many comment every day. But some sneak in anyway. Seriously, you should see the comments that don’t even make the site.

          • LiliKang

            I believe it, thank you for your efforts.

          • Ming the Merciless

            It was not a “personal attack” on Ken to say that he is allied politically with Planned Parenthood. It was a statement of fact. He has praised them repeatedly and introduced legislation on their behalf. It was not a “personal attack” to say his ally, Planned Parenthood, sells fetal body parts. It was a statement of fact. It was not “way off topic” to mention these facts, because the topic that he introduced was the (supposed) separation between his political views and his personal faith. It was completely relevant to this topic to ask how he squares his personal faith with his political support for the seller of fetal body parts.

  • Sorebonius

    Someone sh*t in the pool?

    • Henry Rearden

      Defecation, Urination and the inability to follow proper hygiene before entering the pool. This is why public pools are vile


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