South Lakes High School is among 11 Fairfax County High Schools that made gains in all three SAT areas this year.

FCPS released SAT results for the class of 2015 last week. South Lakes had average scores of 561 (reading), 565 (math) and 543 (writing). That is up from 550, 554 and 530 for the class of 2014.

Herndon High’s averages were 543 (reading), 553 (math) and 532 (writing). Those numbers were down in all three subject areas as the class of 2014 averages were 557 (R), 565 (M), and 542 (W).

FCPS Reading SATS/Credit: FCPSOverall, students in the FCPS’ class of 2015 continued to post SAT scores above state and national averages, according to results released by the Virginia Department of Education.

FCPS scores are 41 points above the state’s average in Critical Reading, 58 points above the state’s average in Mathematics, and 47 points above the state’s average in Writing.

FCPS Math SATs/Credit: FCPSSAT results compiled by the College Board show that FCPS students posted average scores of 556 in Critical Reading, 571 in Mathematics, and 542 in Writing. That equals an overall composite score of 1669, up one point from last year’s overall composite score of 1668, FCPS said in a release.

National SAT averages are 492 (R), 503 (M) and 480 (W).

FCPS average scores increased 1 point in Mathematics and remained the same in Critical Reading and Writing when compared to 2014 results. See how the schools compare in this FCPS chart.

FCPS Writing SATs/Credit: FCPSAmong the other schools showing gains in all three areas: Annandale, Centreville, Chantilly, Edison, Fairfax, McLean, Stuart, West Springfield, and Woodson High Schools and Robinson Secondary School.

Of the 25 high schools in FCPS, 13 saw an increase in their Critical Reading average, 15 saw an increase in their Mathematics average, and 13 saw an increase in their Writing average over last year, FCPS says.

FCPS has broken down results in various categories. See more on the FCPS website.

The SAT test will undergo major changes in 2016, says The College Board. The test wil revert back from a total possible score of 2400 to a total of 1600. The format of some questions will change, and the essay portion, added in 2005, will become optional.


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