Reston, VA

“At one extreme you have the hermit — he gets his kicks out of solitude. I’m anti-Hermit. I get my kicks out of people.”

That’s the late Reston founder Bob Simon talking in this trailer for Another Way of Living: The Story of Reston, VA, a documentary about Reston.

The documentary makes its film festival debut at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville on Nov. 7.

Award-winning filmmaker Rebekah Wingert-Jabi, of Reston, has been working on the film for more than two years.

The documentary explores founder Robert Simonʼs unique vision for American life. While 1950s post-war suburban sprawl prioritized single-family homes, Simon dreamed ʻanother way of livingʼ that valued community, nature and social equity.

Simon set out to build a suburban town that integrated citizens across racial and economic divides. It wasn’t always an easy ride.

“When you built a suburb, you weren’t building a bedroom, you were building a community,”says one of the architecture experts in the trailer and movie. “What Simon got was a thing that had been missing in suburban development.”

Check out the trailer for more highlights.


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