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Pedestrian Struck, Killed By Car on Wiehle Early Wednesday

by Karen Goff October 21, 2015 at 7:50 am 2,413 22 Comments

Fairfax County Police

(Update, 9 a.m Wednesday) Fairfax County Police said the pedestrian hit in the crash at Wiehle and Chestnut Grove has died.

Also, all lanes were reopened by 9 a.m.

Original story: If you are traveling Wiehle Avenue southbound near Chestnut Grove Square this morning, take an alternate route. A pedestrian was struck by a car at that location this morning.

Fairfax County Police and Fairfax County Fire and Rescue are working an accident there that has closed Wiehle from Sunset Hills to North Shore.

Police said the pedestrian was struck at 7:05 am. Crews are on the scene investigating the incident.

Reston Now will update this story when more information becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the pedestrian is okay. That area doesn’t have good lighting and pedestrians need to cross that street every morning to get to the bus stop.

    Please update once you know how the pedestrian’s doing.

    • Anoymous

      Read the headline– The pedestrian is dead.

      • meh

        he posted 6 hours ago before the story was updated. your kung fu is weak.

  • Chestnut Grove Resident

    FFX County police are reporting that the accident was fatal. Very sad. I live in the Chestnut Grove Condos and that intersection is terrifying, especially in the dark. In general, crossing Wiehle anywhere is terrifying. I feel like I take my life in my own hands on my daily walk to the Metro.

    • Greg

      “..in the dark.”

      When will Cathy and Ken get the message that it’s time to add streetlights?

  • Herndon Resident

    Reston really needs to focus on making roads more pedestrian friendly. I feel horrible for the victim and the driver.

  • Commonsense

    I believe the speed limit is 35 although most people around Reston click by around 50-60 mph on our residential 2 lane roads. And you’re also aggressive to people who do the speed limit and omg slow you down for 30 sec. Chill people, the speed limits are set for a reason.

    • meh

      speed, texting, booze, or the lady jumped in front of the car on purpose. This wouldn’t of happened if we had flying cars by now. #bttf2015

      • Mike M

        You two have no idea what happened, but I can say with confidence the danger here is systemic and results from the planning or lack of it. By design this intersection sucks bikes, pedestrians and cars into the same tiny patch of Real Estate at rush hour. This will happen again. It’s by lazy, greedy, incompetent, arrogant design. By the way, I have no idea the specifics of this incident beyond what is reported. But I don’t believe too many people are speeding at rush hour. I also know that pedestrians do stupid things too. But this intersection and the area around it makes the chance of the simplest of bad moves by anyone lethal.

        • ChalkYeti

          That is the most sensible comment on this accident that I have read on this or any other website. Almost everyone else seems to be digging in to blame either the pedestrian or the driver and make generalized statements about drivers and pedestrians, all without any facts, of course.

        • Older Posts

          Calcification I think it’s called. Not to be confused with diarrhea 2hich is more often the case

          “… have no idea the specifics of this incident beyond what is reported. But I don’t believe too many people are speeding at rush hour”

        • Commonsense

          I wasn’t adding a comment unlike you to chastise others, the fact of the matter is if you’re driving 35 it’s pretty easy to brake in time. It’s also a fact that nobody drives the speed limit on Whiele, or any other major commute road in Reston. Truth.

          • Mike M

            Read the follow up story. There will be no charges. If you don’t see someone in the middle of the road you will hit them, and they might die.

  • Guest

    Is the street pronounced “Wheelie” or “Veal” or something different?

    • Nate_VA

      It’s pronounced ‘wheelie’

      • Guest

        Thank you. Prayers to the family of the person killed and all involved.

  • Soso

    I walk everywhere with my child and I am in danger everyday while crossing. Between drivers who drive too fast, who are too busy texting, who stop are the crossing line instead of the stopping line, who turn and cut the pedestrian while the man sign is on. Shame on you. You are so busy worry to win 5 min on your drive that you are putting people life in danger. I will be common sense to put a crossing line and a walking path next to every bus stop but this country miss of common sense. Well it seems.

  • reston resident

    I live in RTC. I see pedestrians nearly hit almost daily. Just yesterday an older gentleman and his dog were almost hit in a crosswalk by someone speeding through the town center. We shouldn’t have to fear for our lives every time we cross the street. I walk to work and almost no one stops when I am in the crosswalk unless they are about to hit me.

  • Mike M

    This is very sad but has been predicted on these boards. The mix of pedestrians and autos has not been facilitated by the Metro development. It has become more dangerous than ever since Metro came in because the planning was poor to none. The County Board, planners, and developers are to blame. It is a fools game to generically blame drivers and pedestrians in this vicinity. It is one giant cluster where everyone proceeds at their own risk – obviously the risk to pedestrians is greater. This will continue to happen throughout Reston, but this area is the most likely location for the next pedestrian strike.

  • Paula

    I pray for both Mrs. Silvia (RIP) AND for the driver. I was told by someone at the scene that the driver was in total shock and could be heard screaming to himself in disbelief from far away as he sat inside his car. This was an accident. I’m sure he was on his way to work, like many people are at that time, and so was she. I’m a member of the same church as Mrs. Silvia and I have no doubt that she did her morning prayers before heading out…and that she is now resting in eternal peace.

  • reston realist

    How do you know the driver was speeding or was at fault? This is a tragic situation lets get all the facts before jumping to conclusions.

  • Brandon Gwinup

    This is the worst comment on here.. You have zero information on the causes of the accident…


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