Op-Ed: A Rescue Reston Thanksgiving

Rescue Reston spells out "NO" in front of Northwestern Mutual/Courtesy Rescue RestonThis is an op-ed by Connie Hartke, President of Rescue Reston. It does not reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

One year ago, we received notice that those who would turn our planned community into “Potterville” were back and ready to set a hearing date with the Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals. We imagine they thought this community would be too busy with holidays to take much notice.

We proved them wrong! In 12 months we accomplished the following:

  • raised funds for legal representation
  • held a press conference
  • held a rally with over 300 supporters
  • held a smaller rally in front of the Reston Northwestern Mutual office, where supporters, including Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and Del. Ken Plum, spelled out “NO.”
  • had over 500 supporters attend the Jan. 21 BZA hearing
  • held our First Annual Golf Tournament and Nature Hike — at Reston National Golf Course
  • elevated this land use battle to national attention
  • received a victory in Fairfax County Circuit Court. On Friday, Nov. 6, when the judge told the owner-investors of RNGC that they must follow established County zoning procedures in any effort to convert this tract of land to other uses.

We did it! This community pulled together, including teamwork between our local county government, Reston Association and this grassroots organization, Rescue Reston.

This victory is not the end by any means. We will find out in the next few weeks whether the owner-investors will appeal that decision to the Virginia Supreme Court, but even without an appeal we expect them to continue their battle against us through other avenues.

Rescue Reston has received thanks from so many. Would you buy us the electronic version of a cup of coffee? With so many of you contributing, even the smallest donation will add up and we need your contribution no matter where you live–someday your community may need the legal precedent that is being set in Reston and Fairfax County.

You can find ways to contribute on our web site, www.rescuereston.org, or write a check today to Rescue Reston, 2198 Golf Course Dr, Reston, VA 20191. We even have a shopping link for Amazon – see the fundraisers tab.

Show your appreciation the one way that really makes a difference: a donation to ensure we can maintain legal strength and backing to preserve designated open space at Reston National Golf Course, a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program Golf Course.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Rescue Reston supporters spelling out “NO” in front of Reston National Golf Course owner Northwestern Mutual offices/file photo

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