Here’s Where RA Plans to Spend on Improvements in 2016-17

Pony Barn Renderings, July 30, 2015/Credit: RAReston Association’s Board of Directors is in the midst of budget planning for 2016 and 2017 and is eying spending more than $5 million over the two years on a long list of improvements, including a revamp of the Pony Barn recreation area and the Central Services area.

The association is looking at a $2.4 million Capital Repair and Replacement Budget for next year (boosted by $98,000 from Comstock’s $650,000 developer contribution from the Tetra purchase and the addition of BLVD apartments). The proposed budget will be $2.8 in 2017, with a $48,000 influx of Comstock money.

What’s RA planning on doing with the money? Repairing aging facilities, of course, but also acquiring some new additions.

There will be a public hearing on RA’s proposed 2016-17 budget Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at RA offices, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr. The RA Board — which says assessments will likely be $657 in 2016 — will vote on the biennial budget and member assessment rates by the end of the year.

Here are some of the planned spending areas:

Trails: $176,130 (2016) and $181,414 (2017) for asphalt overlays on RA trails.

Ball fields: $87,080 (2016) and $99,096 (2017) for ball field renovation and repair, including: Renovation and a new backstop at two Hook Road fields; renovation and a new backstop at Lake Newport fields; and a new backstop at Brown’s Chapel fields.

Lakes: $319,300 for repairs and replacement of the Lake Anne dock. Partial payment for the Lake Anne Dam ($480,583); a Lake Anne Outlet Riser ($266,602); a Lake Anne Outlet Barrel ($24,175) and $313,600 for Lake Newport dredging.

Central Services: $1.6 million over the two years for renovations at the Central Services facility.

Pony Barn: $175,000 each year for renovations at the Pony Barn. This project began with RA setting aside $30,000 to add lighting and a new floor in the aging picnic pavilion. Community and citizen committee recommendations, however, morphed the approved project into one with new play equipment, better accessibility for those with disabilities and kiosks with historical info, among other amenities.

Fleet: $223,304 in 2016 for vehicle maintenance and additions; $108,000 to purchase two camp buses. RA currently leases vans in summer for camper transportation.

Miscellaneous: $15,000 for improved path lighting in 2016 and $95,352 for an improved telephone call management system.

See the entire proposal draft on RA’s website.

Graphic: Pony Barn improvement rendering/Credit: RA

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