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North Reston Voters May Get a New Polling Place

by Karen Goff November 23, 2015 at 11:30 am 7 Comments

North Reston proposed precinct map/Credit: Fairfax COuntyNorth Reston voters may soon find themselves voting in a new precinct beginning with the March 1 “Super Tuesday” presidential primaries.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Dec. 8 to consider changes to the election precincts and polling places.

Fairfax County staff is making the recommendation that Aldrin and North Point precincts, which currently have a combined roster of nearly 9,000 registered voters, divide to create a new precinct to redistribute the voters in this area.

The proposal will create a new precinct from the southern portion of North Point to be named “Armstrong,” and its polling place will be established at Armstrong Elementary School (11900 Lake Newport Road, Reston).

The northern portion of North Point combined with the northern portion of Aldrin will retain the name “North Point” and its polling place will be St. Thomas à Becket Catholic Church (1421 Wiehle Avenue, Reston).

The southern portion of Aldrin will retain the name “Aldrin” and its polling place
will remain at the Aldrin Elementary School (11375 Center Harbor Road,

The additional polling place would cut down on lines in busy election years. Aldrin would have 2,892 registered voters; Armstrong, 3,376; and  Northpoint , 2,998, county officials said.

See attached map for suggested boundaries.

  • FoetusBlow

    “divide to create a new precinct to redistribute the voters in this area.” Hmmm…the Dem’s must be getting a tad nervous…already sneaking in the big guns. Just perfect.

    • Reston Resident

      I agree. This is ridiculous aND a typical Dem move! By the way, how many reg voters actually show up to vote. Keep busy elsewhere and stop manipulating the system.

    • TwoFootTackle

      Would you please explain in this specific instance how creating a new precinct is in the Democrats’ interest? Republicans control the Virginia legislature, so they control redistricting for Virginia legislative and US congressional districts. I suppose one could argue that fewer voters in a precinct would mean that it would take less time for voters at the polling place, which would encourage more voters to vote. It can’t possibly be the case that Republicans would want voters to not participate in elections, right?

      • Mike M

        Well it depends. Are they illiterate bumpkins on the dole, the expansion of which has been the primary plank of the Democratic Party since the 30s?

        • TwoFootTackle

          But isn’t one of the great things about America is that we have universal suffrage (well, nearly: ex-felons can’t vote in every state)? Every adult citizen has a vote and an opportunity to make themselves heard. I might disagree with the will of the people, but I respect it and believe we are a stronger country when everyone is included.

          • Mike M

            Well, if they only vote for who will take out a loan and give them a gift, we have a problem, don’t we?

          • TwoFootTackle

            I don’t agree with denying the right to vote because of how people might exercise it. That’s what dictators do. If the majority wants a certain policy, and the people’s rights (e.g., freedom of speech, right to bear arms) aren’t violated, then that’s the consequence of democracy. If you disagree with policy, it’s up to you to persuade people to change their minds and vote differently next election.


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