Reston Association Will Seek to Keep Voting Records Confidential

by Karen Goff December 9, 2015 at 11:00 am 64 Comments

RA Board meetingAfter repeated requests by a Reston Association member asking to see records of which households voted in RA elections, the RA Board is considering making all voting records confidential.

The Board will consider the action at its Dec. 17 meeting.

The motion comes after Reston resident Irwin Flashman has spent more than a year asking RA for voting records concerning board elections and last spring’s member referendum to purchase the Tetra building.

Flashman first requested voter info in September of 2014. In October 2014 RA released information on whether or not each of its 25,700 member households voted in the 2014 Board of Directors election. It also released members’ addresses, but omitted the substance of members’ votes and any other personal information.

RA said then it was obligated to release the information under its bylaws and Virginia law.

Flashman said at the time he wanted the records so he could analyze and try to boost the number of locals who cast their ballots.

Fewer than 15 percent of households typically vote in the RA Board elections each spring, RA records show.

In Nov. 2014, the board denied a request by Flashman for an electronic copy of those voting records.

This year, Flashman has repeatedly requested the records for results of the Tetra referendum and the 2015 board election. RA records show there was a 33 percent turnout — 5,676 ballots were returned out of a possible 17,511 — which narrowly passed the referendum to purchase the old Reston Visitors Center for $2.6 million. The purchase closed in July.

Flashman said knowing who votes saves future candidates time and effort, and that the voting records should be public because “this is not a private corporation; this is a membership corporation.” He later said he wanted to talk to the electorate.

“These documents reveal what households voted in the past election for the board and in the past election for the Tetra property purchase,” Flashman said at the Oct. 22 RA Board meeting.

“To anyone who wants to run for the board or in the holding of any referendum, this document is invaluable. Why? Because of all the 20,000+ households there are in Reston, it narrows it down to those who truly are interested in voting and who pay attention to the issues. It doesn’t make any difference what side they’re on, but they pay attention because they took the time to vote.”

The board, which sources say has spent thousands on legal fees for this matter, denied Flashman’s request at that meeting.

Flashman said Wednesday that RA’s proposal is “probably illegal.” He also said he has filed a complaint with the Commonwealth.

“This is an overall part of the lack of transparency that seems to be a part of the RA board,” he said.

The motion to be considered says that individual member voting records shall be kept secret and only aggregate voter turnout statistics shall be released for elections and referenda of the Reston Association.

  • cRAzy

    Once again, the RA Board wants to keep EVERYTHING from the membership that might hinder its ability to run our community the way it wants with no effective opposition. I don’t know if it’s illegal, but it sure is total anathema to fairness and equity.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      I don’t know about that. I had never studied the issue before, but I had always assumed that the vote was of the secret ballot type. While I do want my vote to count, I’m not so sure that I want a permanent record of how I voted.

      Frankly, I see this action as having a NEGATIVE impact on voter turn out when members find out that, not only is a record being kept of their turnout, but also of the content of their ballot.

      • Greg

        Correct me if I am wrong, but he wants to know who voted. Now how they voted (on line or mailed ballot) or the contents of their vote.

        I don’t have concerns with the fact that I did or didn’t vote being released, or with my choices being revealed, but I can understand why others may wish their vote choices remaining secret.

        In fact, I’ve had multiple ballots for the same property mailed to me, and I was never able to resolve which of the ballots to vote and whether the one I did use was counted.

        • vdiv

          Yeah, but not voting is a form of a vote, as in not giving a rat’s behind about the matter. The confidentiality or anonymity of the vote protects the voter from retribution and if the RA can’t do that we’re screwed.

          Oh wait, we already were.

          • cRAzy

            I agree, but it is a very weak “form of a vote.”
            Some people took that track on the Tetra referendum as signaling opposition–and it failed. Now we’re stuck with financial sinkhole for decades.
            Same with the RA governing documents referendum ca. 2005: It forced an illegal one-month extension of the referendum, but it resulted in creating the current system of tight Board control, higher assessment fees, and more limited community control.

          • cRAzy

            The residents’ VOTE is NOT revealed, ever. If RA wants retribution, it would have to take it out on everyone who voted. Please get this right.

      • cRAzy

        Actually, Chuck, the information requested does NOT include”the content of their ballot.” It is a request for a list of addresses for all the households that voted in the last election. Addresses only.

        The idea that RA would be forced to divulge the specific vote of each voting household is an attempt to mislead the public (haven’t seen that since, well, Tetra) as to the nature of the request and sow fear (as in, well, Tetra) of a loss of privacy.

        The fact is that a small percentage of Restonians vote in any of our HOA ballots. There is no need for candidates to spend time and money trying to reach the other 70-80% of the electorate.

        And I don’t think the votes are held permanently. I think they have been held for 5 years–mostly in case of legal challenges of one sort or another. I think the Board is trying to shrink that to one year to prevent any legal challenge to voting. Just another example of their self-serving agenda.

      • Noelle

        My personal opinion – I want my voting to be private. I don’t want anyone to know if I voted, or whom I voted for. Same goes with any election I partake in.

        • Richard

          Noelle, you may prefer that, but there’s a public record of the fact that you voted in any government election. It’s possible to get a record of whether you voted in a Democratic or Republican primary or any other election for state or federal officials.

          I’m on the fence in this particular case. I don’t feel that I’m left in the dark if RA decides not to provide records of individual voting households, but I don’t care either way. I trust the RA and their legal advisors to make the right call as opposed to commenters on message boards.

          • Greg

            A voting record at the RA should be just as public as one in a “government election.” After all, it’s the RA that consistently masquerades as a government time and time again rather than the homeowners’ association that it is.

          • Richard

            I wouldn’t object to that, but since RA is not government, there are likely different laws that apply. I wouldn’t be surprised if RA could be required to show how people voted if they open the door to making addresses public. I trust them to make good decisions. I’m pleased with all of the RA representatives that we’ve elected. They do good work for little reward, less appreciation, and plenty of criticism.

          • Greg

            … but since RA is not government, … . But they act like they are government time and time and time again.

            You might want to remind them they are not government the next time they decide to spend member assessments on things like land-use attorneys while their own facilities fester and sit unused.

            The work they do, and the quality of it, is arguable — including the topic at hand here.

          • Richard

            They are a highly-regulated body for sure. When RA gets hit with a multi-million dollar legal judgement for failing to consult legal advice, I’m sure you’ll be the first to point the finger at them then too. It’s a crummy job for which they can never win. I don’t know why anybody would want it, but I appreciate those who currently serve in that role.

          • Greg

            No, Richard, you are wrong. And your logic fails.

            The law is clear, but we are spending tens of thousands of member assessment dollars to obfuscate it. Clearly there is something to hide, or the “highly-regulated body” would not be squandering our assessment dollars to do otherwise. There is nothing else to do but to shame them.

            Moreover, the RA has never, ever, been “hit with a multi-million dollar legal judgement (sic) for failing to consult legal advice.” We would be paying far less in annual assessments were the law followed (the same law milton matthews advocated for) rather than these never-ending maneuvers to hide information intended to be readily available.

            It it’s such a “crummy job,” (and it’s no job by any means — only the overpaid RA staff so quality), then why make it impossible, at great cost to the assessment payers no less, for others to have a shot at the volunteer, unpaid position?

            Clearly there are reasons why “anyone would want it” since the incumbents and the overpaid RA staff are making it so difficult, nearly impossible, for anyone else to have it.

          • Richard

            Well, the RA board has until now been representing my interests as a long-time Restonian just fine. There are some minority interest groups who would like to scheme their way to getting their stooges on the board, like the big developers on the one hand and those like yourself who would cut RA back to bare wood for the few dollars it might save in annual fees – money we would subsequently lose in spades on the value of our homes. No, I’m pretty happy with this board, thank you very much.

          • Greg


    • SuchBS

      If you look at the voting resolution it states clearly that the information it to be confidential. I don’t think this is RA trying to hide anything this is FLASHMAN trying to fill the board with his little groups hand picked candidates. So what’s next Reston “super-pacs?” Should a bunch a like-minded folks be able to pool their resources and financially back candidates? This is utter BS as evidenced by FLASHMANS complete 180 in the reason why he wants the records. “Oh– I want to improve voter turnout..” to “I want to focus on the known voters only.”

      • cRAzy

        Why should who voted in an election or referendum be confidential? It is not about privacy, it is about control.
        Why shouldn’t “like-minded folks” of any persuasion be unable to pool resources and back candidates? That’s something ALL candidates do, including the incumbents.
        Why wouldn’t focusing on known voters in an election help improve their turnout? If they are directly contacted, they are more likely to vote again–and know what the issues are as presented by the candidate(s).

        • ThatsBS

          Oh yes it would be much better to an ANONYMOUS mailer making politically spun (also known as lies) claims about candidates from issue focused PACs. That would be great. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  • ItsNotMyMoney

    “The board, which sources say has spent thousands on legal fees for this matter, denied Flashman’s request at that meeting.”

    Why would the board release the same information for the prior year’s election because of “its bylaws and Virginia law” but not do the same for the Tetra referendum?

    Why would the board spend thousands of dollars on this matter?

    Oh yeah, it’s not their money.

    • ThatsBS

      Nothing that you’ve written makes any sense whatsoever. I think the way to look at the expense is that Flashman has cost the membership money by making requests for information Which the rules say is not to be made public.

      • John Higgins

        You might, indeed, look at it that way. In truth, any time a member asks RA for information, it costs something to respond. If the request is not proper, the response is likely to cost more by way of research and explaining the denial.

        The issue here is really quite intriguing. In the past, Mr. Flashman has requested to view such records and they were given to him because it was a proper request. Now, there is a view by the board that some members might not like having known whether or not they voted in an election or referendum. And they are right; some members would not like that. At the same time, I suspect a large majority could care less, or even take pride in being known as someone who cares enough to participate. I can’t support that suspicion because there has been no effort to get the sense of the community.

        It should give us all pause when information previously available to us as members is, by fiat, declared “confidential”. The board has before it two resolutions that need to be read together. The one being discussed says, in effect, “because these records could be used by members in a way we do not approve, they shall not be released.” If that’s legal, and if he board adopts it, fine.

        The second resolution is –I’m searching for a word other than sinister and can’t find it. It is drafted to assure that only an outside agent will have a record of who votes. Even the respected RA Elections Committee would be denied these data. And why? Because if the RA does not have it, there is nothing to release. Too clever by half.

      • Greg

        If the “rules” (and that may include both statutory and case law as well as RA’s specific rules and regulations) currently set forth that requested information was not to be made public, there would be no need to have a legal review. Apparently no such RA rule yet exists.

        The RA is just now setting up a rule to do that, so ItsNotMyMoney’s comment makes sense.

        In any case, it’s disappointing, unfortunate and of great concern that the RA is, once again, failing to be transparent and make valuable information available.

        • ThatsBS

          Not true Greg- Call Reston Association and ask what the Voting Resolution says.

          • Greg

            What part is not true?

            FYI the VA POA sets forth statutory rules for books and records access.

  • Greywing Down

    lets say one person votes the wrong way, eg tetra, and next day house goes up in flames would you agree this being ok? cuz some people on this here message board appear to approve of hostility if not violence. check that

    • Greg

      I get the point, but nothing, ever, on any topic, will be released the next day by the RA.

  • John Higgins

    It’s not clear that your posting was complete. If there was more you intended to say, please edit it and write on…I would like to read it all.

    Note, please, that the RA has never made available how a member has voted in an election or referendum and that doesn’t change whether or not this new resolution is adopted.

    Even in an uncontested election no one will know if you voted for the sole candidate or submitted a blank ballot (effectively abstained.). Concerns about retribution strike me as a classic red herring, but that’s just my opinion.

    • SandySue

      RA has NEVER released WHO voted either.

      • John Higgins

        I fear you have been misinformed. As recently as last year a list of voters was given to Mr. Flashman. (The “who” being the address of properties casting votes.) It did not include the name of the person actually casting the ballot nor how they voted.

        • SandySue

          Mr. Higgins- I’m surprised that you’d make it sound as if RA has done some kind of reversal. I’ve contact RA to ask them about this and understand that the release of the records was done exactly one time and that was because of a technicality which created a legal loophole for Mr. Flashman.

          • John Higgins

            Thanks for your observation. The fact is, I don’t know if such a list had been given to anyone before last year. Therefore, I was careful to say only that it was available to members. How so? Because it was a record held by RA and the law says that books and records (with some exceptions) must be made available to members on request.
            I hadn’t really thought of this as a reversal, but I suppose saying “yes” to one request and “no” to the next might be described as a reversal.
            I can’t imagine what someone meant by suggesting a “technicality” or a “loophole”. That’s just plain wrong. The law allows members to inspect books and records because it is OUR organization, those are our records…a very deliberate and sound provision enacted by our legislature.

            Personally, I can’t envision ever wanting to see the list of voters. But if RA has a list and the law had not excluded it from release, I stand squarely behind a member’s right to view it. That’s part of what comes with the territory in living in an open society. Moreover, it is confounding that an association would hold an election and not have a record of who voted. If the only reason to not have it is to avoid having to let members see it, there is something seriously wrong.

  • james dean

    I personally appreciate all that John Higgins & Irwin Flashman do & have done for Reston. I am especially grateful that Mr. Flashman is taking the time & effort to get RA to release info that all Restonians are entitled to as part of open access to RA records. This is not an issue of confidentiality…it is an issue of open access to our RA records. Mr. Flashman is not requesting any info on how anyone has voted, only info regarding addresses of those who did vote. Fairfax, Co and all jurisdictions in VA would have to turn over such info when requested…why shouldn’t RA? This is not an issue of confidentiality, it is an issue of open access to our RA records. RA needs to be more transparent, not less. Further, it would be nice if RA served its members openly & honestly instead of trying to scare RA members by falsely framing this as a confidentiality issue. There seems to be a pattern here though….the info that RA presented
    regarding the Tetra purchase was full of similar misleading info…RA had to buy Tetra to prevent “development” when in fact the
    property was already protected from unwanted development by a great many easements….& thats
    before you consider what RA paid for Tetra vs its realistic market value. The RA board should be trying to make RA business more open & transparent, not less. Regardless of whatever policies that the RA board adopts, various state & local open record access laws will ultimately mean that Mr. Flashman will get the info that he is requesting….in the meantime, how much of OUR MONEY will RA & our lawyers waste? Remember, as reported on Reston Now & in the 2014 tax return, RA spent $430,683 on legal fees to Chadwick Washington & $139,731 to Feldman & Pittleman. How much of OUR MONEY will be spent attempting to prevent open access to OUR RA RECORDS? Also, why is this vote scheduled on Dec 17? Why is something so important as open access to RA records being decided 8 days before Christmas? Couldn’t this wait til the Jan 2016 board meeting? So RA is once again rushing forward in an attempt to mislead RA members & spend OUR MONEY in an ill advised attempt to keep records closed that should be open & accessible to all RA members. This is not an issue of confidentiality…it is an issue of open access to OUR RA records.

    • Sally Forth

      I totally agree with Mr. Dean! RA repeatedly opines that it wants us all to be involved with RA but, over and over, restricts info and participation. This is a prime example of spending a lot of $ on legal expenses for a non-issue. The list of which addresses vote IS public info and should be. Why try to obfuscate it?

      As in any election, incumbents have an advantage. So if someone willing to run for the RA BOD is resourceful enough to request address-only prior voting info, what is the problem? The current climate of RA tries mightily to allow only ‘acceptable to them’ candidates and committee members. This is not healthy. There can be opposing views that have great merit but will never be heard due to this absurd policy.

      RA members, this may seem like a small issue but it is indicative of a dangerous RA mindset that is perpetuating secrecy and insider business dealings while simultaneously paying PR employees thousands of OUR dues dollars to paint a picture of an inclusive HOA. It is comical that RA now finds giving out voters addresses to be a problem but refused to require directors to file timely “conflict of interest” statements just a year ago. But, surprise, surprise, Chadwick chose not to enforce this rule. Why are we paying this guy and his company hundreds of thousands of dollars??? RA can and should have an in-house attorney for a fraction of the cost. (The expense of land use attorneys with specialized expertise is another matter entirely.) Chadwick loves the power that secrecy gives him. He has freely fed at the RA trough for decades and HE needs to go. The sooner the better.

      RA – back off trying to create new ‘rules’ that limit and conceal public info. Members are sick of being shut out of info that has always been and should be public. Are you afraid of reformers and grasping at any means to limit their possible candidacies? Sure looks that way.

      Several weeks ago John Lovaas published a Letter to the Editor in the Connection entitled “Reston Association – What’s going on there?” It is well worth the read.

      • Mark C.

        I thought Mr. Lovaas’ piece was like most of his writing pretty weak- and grossly inaccurate but then when I saw this issue came from Mr. Flashman the pieces fell into place.

        Flashman & Lovass have joined forces on more than one occasion. Actually they were part of a self-appointed “team” that interviewed prospective RA Board Members to see if they passed whatever their litmus test was– so I think this is an issue created by Mr. Flashman, likely he has created a little group, (talk about secrecy!) that wants to heavily influence the upcoming election. So wrap this anyway you like but its NOT about transparency.

        • james dean

          what is so grossly inaccurate in Mr. Lovaas’ piece? In the last few years, there have been a number of meetings w/ prospective RA board candidates…any RA member can ask to meet w/ any RA board member & or RA board candidates….I don’t think there was anything secret & or conspiratorial about any of it…RA members should have more dialogue w/the RA board & w/ RA board candidates in hopes of being as well informed as possible….this is an issue of transparency of RA records to help ensure that RA is conducting our RA business & spending our RA funds appropriately…the 2016 RA budget is approx $16 million… I would hope that more RA members would get involved like Mr Flashman & Mr Lovaas

        • Sally Forth

          Hey, Mark, I have lived in Reston for decades. Never have read Lovaas articles/columns that are inaccurate. So you are wrong there. (You may not agree with his opinions but his facts are right on.) And you are also wrong about this RA issue not being about transparency. It is TOTALLY by definition about making RA election/referendum info NON-transparent which violates common sense and current rules. RA is trying to “fix” something that is NOT broken in an effort to exert more secrecy and control over members. Why, pray tell?

          • Mrs. Mark

            Hahaha- Sally Forth=Fran Lovaas! Too funny!

          • Sally Forth

            You too, Mrs. Mark, are hilarious… or not. In all my years of living in Reston, I have rarely seen Fran Lovaas comment on articles. She is too busy doing other good works. You and Mr. Mark might want to check your carbon monoxide sensors…

      • Charles P. Dorfeuille
  • James Colbertson

    So, why would I want Mr. Flashman to know whether or not I voted in my community association? Who is he, and what “agenda” or “right” does he have to become a huge nuisance to me. As far as I’m concerned, this is nobody’s business but mine.

    • cRAzy

      So it’s a “huge nuisance” to be informed about the positions of candidates for whom you might vote (or vote against!). Nothing like ignorance to shape your vote in RA ballots whether an election or a referendum.

      • James Colbertson

        That’s not the nuisance factor cRAzy.

        What is a nuisance: I don’t believe in crazy neighbors with crazy ideas bothering me with crazy initiatives. Good knows we get enough of that already.

        What I don’t want, is to be singled out for any reason by crazy alliances and pacs, especially at the community level. As importantly, I don’t want you or Mr. Flashman or my neighbor to know whether or not I voted.

        I feel I’ve been very well informed each election season. RA’s Elections process informs me, media like RestonNow and the Connection inform me, and the candidates themselves do a good job informing me.

        RA’s governing docs have laid this out well. Post the weekly results as well as the final tally. And if we as a community think the turnout is too low — make it a community-wide initiative to get the community-as-a-whole to be more community-driven.

        But, please, don’t create a situation where individuals will only focus on certain areas of the community — claiming they are doing it “for the community.” Yea right.

      • JohnBT

        I find this very very intrusive! I do vote and I am informed about the candidates. How does the fact that I voted help anyone else get informed? This is about attempting to manipulate the voters by making easier to target those likely to vote. Lets just call a spade a spade. It has ZERO to do with transparency.

  • james dean

    this isn’t about confidentiality/privacy….this info is available regarding state, local & fed votes already….why should it be different on RA votes?

    • James Colbertson

      The RA Deed and Articles say it’s confidential. We all abide by them as a community — I assume.

      • james dean

        Mr. Flashman is not asking how anyone voted…that will remain
        confidential….what he is asking for is the same info that he has
        received previously & thus RA providing this info is not a violation
        of the RA deed, RA articles & or anyones privacy. Or are you
        suggesting that RA violated the RA deed & articles when it turned
        over the info previously? In any case, I would prefer that RA operate
        in as open & transparent a manner as possible…. I would prefer
        that RA provide the same info that anyone can request & receive
        regarding local, state & fed votes.

        • James Colbertson

          I get your position. Get used to the fact that, sometimes, just sometimes, people will disagree with you.

        • Billy Smith

          I don’t think weather or not I voted is anyone’s business!

    • rick stevens

      It is about privacy. I don’t need anyone else know if I voted. Geez can you imagine if they’d released who had voted in the Tetra Referendum? The No People were so spun up they were out of control It gives me the creeps to think about them honing in on “the voters.”

      • John Higgins

        Rick, please don’t take thus as a glib question, I’m really looking to understand other opinions on this matter. If I recall correctly, the vote on Tetra was close to 51%/49%. I voted. So, no one knows if I was a yes vote or a no vote. What risk to my privacy do you see? Do you think there are people who are embarrassed of feel threatened by being known as caring enough to return a ballot?

  • james dean

    Mr. Flashman is not asking how anyone voted…that will remain confidential….what he is asking for is the same info that he has received previously & thus RA providing this info is not a violation of the RA deed, RA articles & or anyones privacy. Or are you suggesting that RA violated the RA deed & articles when it turned over the info previously? In any case, I would prefer that RA operate in as open & transparent a manner as possible…. I would prefer that RA provide the same info that anyone can request & receive regarding local, state & fed votes.

    • James Colbertson

      James… I know Mr. Flashman isn’t asking how I voted. What I said and will reiterate here is — I do not want him, or anyone, to know whether I voted at all. Period. Didn’t know we were a municipality.

      I voted on the Tetra matter, and given your attitude and feelings on the matter — I want to make sure you (and folks like you) never hound my address, or phone. EVER.

      • james dean

        I voted on Tetra as well…we can disagree on that & other matters …I would never hound you…so you agree/understand that sharing the info Mr. Flashman
        is requesting isn’t a violation of the RA deed & or articles like
        you previously stated? & while we may not be a municipality why shouldn’t RA be as open & as transparent as possible when conducting our RA business & spending approx $16 million of our RA money in 2016?

        • James Colbertson

          You claim we will “disagree” on how you and I voted on Tetra. How do you know how I voted? All I said was — I voted, and now you want to take issue with me. You are making my point.

          RA’s guiding documents have been working well for quite some time. And regarding elections/(referenda) they explicitly state: “XIII.e.ii. Ballots are considered secret and the voting records shall be kept confidential by the Counting Agent.”

          • james dean

            thanks…again RA has provided this info to Mr. Flashman in the past…so apparently it is not a violation of RA guiding docs to do so…I didn’t claim to know how you voted on Tetra…you took exception w/my views regarding Tetra when you stated…”I voted on the Tetra matter, and given your attitude and feelings on the
            matter — I want to make sure you (and folks like you) never hound my
            address, or phone. EVER” – James Colbertson said. I was simply stating that we can certainly disagree on whatever, that I would not hound you & frankly I don’t think its anyones intention to hound you or anyone else

          • James Colbertson

            My comment regarding Tetra was oriented towards your apparent anger over the matter, which I want no part of. To that point, I never want you or Flashman, or Higgins, or cRAzy, et al, to bother me at my front door, in my mailbox or over my phone line.

            The fact that RA gave Flashman info like this in the past is something the legal folks can discuss and settle. For me, I am upset with RA for doing that, and would like to hear their explanation. Regardless, I don’t want it to ever happen again.

            If Flashman wants to target Reston demographically, let him use the tools and lists publicly available to him. Just like every other “marketer.”

          • james dean

            thanks…Mr. Flashman isn’t a marketer…he is a concerned RA member…some legal experts have told me that the info he is requesting is info that he is entitled to according to local & state law…RA will spend approx $16 million of RA dues next year…we should all want RA to conduct its business as openly & as transparently as possible…I appreciate Mr. Flashman’s efforts to make RA more open & transparent

          • James Colbertson

            I’m glad you think Flashman is a good guy. For me, I will go with the fact that he’s a nice guy, looking for a way to satisfy an agenda, that bumps into my freedoms.

            And if you think RA can do better, then jump in and get involved. I see elections are coming up, and I suspect any of their committees would welcome your involvement.

          • james dean

            thanks…your freedoms aren’t being threatened when RA, Fairfax Co, state of VA & or our fed gov conduct our business in open & transparent ways…as a matter of fact doing so protects our freedoms

          • James Colbertson

            I suspect RA has done you wrong somewhere along the way. All I can add, I wish you and Mr. Flashman well and Happy Holidays.

          • james dean

            Thanks… Not at all… But Happy Holidays to you as well

          • Greg

            Doubtful since james dean is, apparently, not one of “them.”

          • Jill M

            how do you know who and what Mr. Flashman is?! I also prefer that my neighbors not know if I voted or not in these very close to home issues. It’s not at all the same as them knowing that I voted in a local, state or national election! Have the time the there’s only one person running in a district, its the same as knowing who you voted for!


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