Reston, VA

Shadowood PoolNearly $200,000 in planned community improvements will be postponed by Reston Association to future years.

That is standard practice as RA does a year-end budget review to determine which capital repair and replacement projects are timely and which can wait. Some of the projects carrying forward into this year, in fact, were originally scheduled for previous years.

Deferred project money is held in the Repair, Replacement & Reserve Fund for use at a future date when these projects have been scoped and are ready for completion, says RA.

In any case, here’s what won’t happen until after 2016:

  • Three baseball backstop replacements (at Wainwright, Bordeaux and Running Cedar fields) – $44,832
  • Purchase of replacement Vermeer Chipper (machinery) – $40,000
  • Pathway and sidewalk improvements at South Lakes/Lake Thoreau Dam and on Twin Branches Drive – $37,000
  • New deck at Shadowood Pool – $75,000
  • New tennis backboard at Lake Anne Park – $7,000

Meanwhile, a number of previously scheduled or already underway projects are slated to carry forward to 2016. Among them:

  • Improvements to pathways and parking lots at Hunters Woods Park and North Hills Pool.
  • Improvements to Lake Anne Park Fountain, Lake Thoreau Pool’s shower rooms, and North Hills Pool exterior lights.
  • Funds for planning renovations at Pony Barn Pavilion ($9,420)
  • New time clock for RA employees ($44,000) and new FIOS connectivity for Nature House ($20,000)
  • Member experience tech upgrade ($201,000)
  • Hunters Woods Pathway Lighting funds are being carried forward as RA is looking to community partners to bring more funds to the total project. ($124,916)

Some of the projects carried forward to 2016 may carry forward again into 2017, RA documents show. See a full breakdown beginning on page 43 of RA’s December meeting agenda.


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