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Silver Line Construction to Close Dulles Walkway for Two Years

by Karen Goff January 6, 2016 at 10:00 am 8 Comments

Rendering of Dulles Station/Credit: MWAA

The northern portion of the underground walkway from Parking Garage 1 and the Main Terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport will close on Jan. 11 for construction of Metro’s Silver Line station.

Signage within the garage and the terminal will direct passengers to increased shuttle bus service for travelers parking in the garage.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Transportation between Garage 1 and the Main Terminal will be provided by shuttle buses approximately every five minutes during peak hours.
  • Buses will pick up and drop off passengers at three locations on the south (terminal-facing) side of Garage 1.
  • The parking shuttle buses stops at the Main Terminal at two locations along the second arrivals curb, near the exit at Door #2 and exit at Door #6.
  • While the walkway to Garage 1 is closed, there will be no pedestrian access between Garage 1 and the Main Terminal.
  • Pedestrian access between the Terminal Parking Lot and the Main Terminal via the walkway will be maintained. The walkway from Garage 2 to the Main Terminal will be unaffected and remain open.

“The expansion of the Silver Line Metrorail to Dulles International will play a significant role in the airport’s future,” Jack Potter, president and chief executive officer for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said in a statement. “This temporary tunnel closure ultimately will result in a much more accessible airport and an enhanced experience for passengers.”

The Metrorail station will connect to the existing underground walkway between the garage and the terminal. The work on the station connector, which is expected to last up to 24 months, includes multiple utility and communication line installations and reconfigurations, shortening the existing moving walkways to accommodate the new rail station, and adjusting the walkway grade to match the station’s mezzanine level.

The Dulles Metro station is part of the Silver Line’s Phase 2 expansion, which will take Metro service from Wiehle-Reston East to Dulles and into Loudoun County. It is expected to open in early 2020.

Rendering of future Dulles Airport Station courtesy MWAA

  • FlyBy

    “This temporary tunnel closure ultimately will result in a much more accessible airport and an enhanced experience for passengers.”

    Really!? Not for the next 2 to 4 years it won’t with everyone now parking in DG2 if they can find their way through all of the construction and find a parking spot. Even when the trains start running it would take an hour and a half to get to the airport from DC since no provisions for express trains were ever made. And it will not be pleasant, the station is elevated and open to the hot and humid air in the summer and frigid cold in the winter so people flying in with already weakened immune system will have a nice little cold to greet them while they wait for the train.


    • SeanH529

      Weakened immune systems? Lol…. If your immune system is so weak you can’t walk 600ft, why are you flying to begin with?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    If they put the station in/under the airport, nobody would need to be inconvenienced. On the other hand, if they were to replace the TGIF/Ruby Tuesdays with a Hooters, the inconvenience wouldn’t bother me quite as much.

    • jojopuppyfish

      Do a search for Greater Greater Washington article on this issue.
      Because once you see the map, its basically a walk across the parking lot to the station….and that underground walk has those escalator like walkways which makes the walk to the station pretty simple.

    • JayCee087

      I read somewhere on the internet that the designers of the DIA terminal added underground space for a train station. I don’t know how true that is, but if it is it’s too bad that the space wasn’t utilized. I know when the Hartsfield terminal was expanded the designers created an above ground MARTA station that was left unused until the trains finally connected from Atlanta to the airport in the late 80s.

  • Guest

    If you think the decline in IAD air traffic has been worrisome, just watch it plunge now as people give up the 1/4-mile trek with their luggage from the garage to the terminal.

    • VJU

      Currently, I am trekking to a bus which takes me to Metro.
      I think I can trek 1/4 mile to the Silver Line. Our country is too fat anyway. People need the exercise.

    • JayCee087

      Really? I hear that the actual distance from the train station to the main terminal is about 600 feet, which the basically length of the Metro platform (people can’t walk the length of the platform?)


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