St. Patrick's Day Snow/Credit: LAMeetsDC via TwiiterIt’s been a mild winter so far, with barely a few flakes falling in Reston.

That could change this weekend.

It’s four days away, but some forecasters are saying expected snowfall this weekend could be a major storm.

Local TV stations were at a grocery and hardware story Monday night — four days away from said snowfall — already interviewing people who were preparing for the event by buying the usual ice melter and bread.

Does anyone ever take this info seriously anymore? Yes, it’s January. It snows here. But the Washington area seems to have forgotten the different between a forecast of four inches and one of 24 inches. (By the way, they are calling for somewhere in the middle…or they can’t even say this far out).

Bottom line: It will likely snow Friday and Saturday. Here is what the Capital Weather Gang says. Here is info from The Weather Channel.

Whether the storm is brutal or a bust, we will keep you posted on how it will affect Reston.

Snow in Reston/file photo


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