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Poll: Snow on the Way — Big Deal or Big Hype?

by Karen Goff January 19, 2016 at 1:30 pm 13 Comments

St. Patrick's Day Snow/Credit: LAMeetsDC via TwiiterIt’s been a mild winter so far, with barely a few flakes falling in Reston.

That could change this weekend.

It’s four days away, but some forecasters are saying expected snowfall this weekend could be a major storm.

Local TV stations were at a grocery and hardware story Monday night — four days away from said snowfall — already interviewing people who were preparing for the event by buying the usual ice melter and bread.

Does anyone ever take this info seriously anymore? Yes, it’s January. It snows here. But the Washington area seems to have forgotten the different between a forecast of four inches and one of 24 inches. (By the way, they are calling for somewhere in the middle…or they can’t even say this far out).

Bottom line: It will likely snow Friday and Saturday. Here is what the Capital Weather Gang says. Here is info from The Weather Channel.

Whether the storm is brutal or a bust, we will keep you posted on how it will affect Reston.

Snow in Reston/file photo

  • Mike M

    I’ve noticed they haven’t backed off their early forecast. In fact, they are getting almost uppity about it. All signs seem to really point to snow. We shall see.

    • Apparently the models haven’t budged in four runs or so now. The forecasters are saying it’s a classic nor’easter like Snowmaggedon or the 2003 Blizzard. Follow Capital Weather or Ryan Maue of WeatherBell. No nonsense updates.

  • TheRealODB

    Based on my experience you can’t rely on any forecast outside of 24 hours, and then its 50/50.

  • Nate_VA

    There were lots of people at Giant today stocking up.

    • And at the Sterling Wegmans according to my parents. Hitting the Reston Giant for a few odds n ends. Usually shop on Saturdays + snacks!

  • SouthRestonResident

    I don’t get it. What kind of world do people live in where they don’t have more than 2-3 days worth of food in their fridge/pantry. This isn’t the 60’s or 70’s. We have plows, we treat roads, people can actually drive in the snow.

    Oh well – enjoy the mad rush to Wegmans to buy all the ingredients for french toast & your belief you need a pallet of toilet paper.

  • Greg

    I recall the back-to-back storms during the El Nino February of 1983. And, of course, the huge blizzard of January 1996 and later Potomac flood. During that blizzard, our road was not plowed for a week. I think VDOT’s snow and ice management is a bit better now, but two feet will paralyze the region for days.

  • Greg

    Soviet Safeway in McLean about an hour ago.

  • Karen Goff

    Stoptreading. Thanks for your support! It very clearly says “Snow in Reston/File photo” at the bottom of the post. If you like, I will add the date (2015) so as to not confuse you further. I think most people understand what file photo means though. How else do you think we should illustrate snow? Why so angry? Why are you concerned with my credentials (since you are asking, yes, journalism degree + 30 years experience + many awards)? What opinions are you talking about? Finally, there are thousands of other sites you can read if this is just a poor example. So please do so. Bye. (PS – picking on me will get you banned. You are on watch)

    • stoptreading

      I’m not angry. Did you yell at your journalism professors when they corrected your work? Please take a look at other publications & news websites to see how they caption & date photos in stories. Thanks for illustrating how a differing opinion or daring to question the “journalist” leads to being banned on this site. Why am I concerned with your credentials? Because you’re supposed to be reporting news not just opining on the internet? If you went to a dr, you’d expect to see a MD degree hanging on a wall, right? Asking for a “reporter’s” credentials isn’t picking on them. Censoring comments & attacking readers for daring to question you…that’s picking on people.

      How else do I think you should illustrate snow? Maybe by giving the date on which the picture of a few inches of snow was taken & then comparing that snow storm to what’s predicted? Otherwise, what’s the point in just slapping any old picture of snow on an article? For example, The Washington Post has been doing a lovely job of illustrating snow with captioned pictures that explain their relevance.

      I apologize for requesting and expecting the standards of journalism & sound reporting be withheld on a news website. How dare I? If you are offended by someone asking your credentials then perhaps you’re offended by the idea that someone would dare to question your work rather than just simply accepting shoddy reporting.

      You know what…here…I’ll play along & provide you with a comment that seems to be one of the only ones allowed on this site:

      “When will Reston get a Hooters? We need wings!”

      I’ve yet to see that guy be placed on watch for actually trolling this site…yet a reader questions why a picture wasn’t captioned & dated correctly & that reader is placed on watch & threatened to be banned.

      You’re censoring anyone who posts anything you don’t agree with…what other news websites do that? They delete hate speech not speech that is critical of the reporting.

  • Hannibal

    I am stocking up on fava beans and Chianti in case I am forced to eat my
    neighbors during the blizzard. As they are obese gun-hating liberals,
    they should provide a juicy repast that is not too difficult to subdue and harvest.

    My good friends at Hunters Woods tell me that their emergency plan is to confiscate whitey’s food as reparations for slavery but mostly because they can.

  • paco

    @stoptreading: I completely understand!! No one gets us!!! Don’t you hate it when you’ve paid good $$ for a movie,and you see a continuity error? Like the actor has a blue hat, and in then slightly different blue hat (or maybe with a different logo!!) in the *same scene*, but filmed from a different angle? Doesn’t that make you crazy. I become enraged when I find those. I get the continuity persons name off the credits and find them, and email them. I have to let them know how unprofessional they are. It’s just… grievous.

  • Mike M

    Stop treading on thin ice. But, by all means, stay petty, my friend.


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